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Learn about a very handy little tool to measure the intent before words are spoken. Remove hidden agendas and create honest communication.

Brain Entrainment – An Effective Study Aid

One area in which brain entrainment through a binaural beats download can be best utlised is in the form of a study aid. In the chaotic realm of higher education, it is common for the student to be inundated by up to five assignments at once; a scenario for which they must plan for effectively, leaving enough time to complete each assignment to the best of their ability. Problems arise however when the student procrastinates on one assignment, leaving insufficient time for the remaining assignments to be completed.

Brainwave Entrainment – Your Life Can Be Changed By This Brainwave Synchronization Technology

Indeed, Brainwave Entrainment is a very effective and powerful brain wave synchronization method to alter one’s state of mind. Hence, this mind synchronization technology is really a very promising technology which is having real life changing power.

Prosperity Consciousness

All possession is based on consciousness and all gain is the result an accumulative consciousness, all loss is the result of a scattering consciousness and so is all poverty, the result of scarcity consciousness. Be prosperous by developing a prosperity consciousness.

Having a Good Career Versus Good Living

It is easier said than done that we can have a good career as well as good living. The sacrifices that have to be made for either certainly pose a threat to the success of both. It is important that we all understand the dedication, priorities and sacrifices we are willing to make for a good career and good living. They each serve a purpose at a particular time in our lives and we must allow them to flourish for us to build character and have better lives.

The Main Function of the Mind

Mind is the most powerful faculty in man, endowed with unlimited creativity and ability to expand. However we do not tend to use the mind power at all. Instead the mind is bombarded with unnecessary thoughts that keep arising out of what ever the eyes perceive in the external environment.

How To Tame Your Monkey Brain

“Monkey brain” syndrome is running wild due to excessive multi-tasking and mindless activities fueled by addictive technology, media stimulation, social networking mania and everyday life demands. Engaging with this frantic craziness has diminished our ability to complete simple tasks accurately, think clearly, accomplish a fulfilling day’s work, maintain a healthy body, develop meaningful relationships, grow and have fun. We may be losing control of our most important asset….Focused Brain Power.

Meditation – Why And How To Do It

The benefits of daily meditation are many – stress management, a healthier body, a healthier mind, improved concentration, and an improved ability to live in the present. Here is how to do it and incorporate meditation into your daily regime.

3 Techniques to Increase Your Vocabulary – My Comprehensive Guide to Mental Acuity

Increasing your vocabulary is certainly an admirable goal, and whether you’re a writer, a journalist, or maybe you just like to sound smart, you need some sort of plan of attack, otherwise you’ll find yourself just reading a dictionary in an effort to find interesting words, inevitably a fruitless endeavor, it’s just TOO boring. I don’t want to bore you with talking to you about how you can’t memorize words though, let’s get right to how you CAN start increasing your vocabulary. First, start reading books!

The Effects of Working on Jigsaw Puzzles to Your Brain

Jigsaw puzzles are said to help increase our mental power as well as concentration, memory and sharpness. We tend to become more alert and healthier while playing with jigsaw puzzles. Do you know the reason behind this?

How to Improve Your Logical Thinking Skills

Humanity has become detached from the subconscious mind in them thereby depriving ourselves of a huge resource, sensory data input stops in the conscious mind resulting in disjointed and incomplete conclusions. This results in disillusioned, unhappy and unhealthy people who are weighed down and defeated by life’s battles and situations. Well it’s time to get angry with this dismal condition and begin to use our mind the way it was intended to be used.

Plotting a Personal Development Plan

According to experts and psychologists, we can be happy and contented if we get to achieve our goals. Whether it is about our career, relationships with family, friends, colleagues or with our love life, we can achieve this contentment and be able to reach the goals we have with the aid of a personal development plan.

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