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Put a Captcha on the Greatest Computer of All – Your Brain

One of the best things to come along in regards to fighting against spammers and auto bots is the Captcha. Its function, within a contact form, is to make sure that the form is being filled out by a human being. You’ll see some squiggly and distorted letters and numbers and upon completion of a web form, you are supposed to input what you see, otherwise the form will not be processed.

You Do Know – The Power of The Subconscious Mind

A look into how our core, subconscious beliefs have a direct effect on the outcome of our lives. Learn from Travis’ experience and realization.

College Survival Guide: Your Brain Comes With Cheat Codes

Understanding how your brain is wired and what makes you tick is essential knowledge for academic excellence and a successful life. Your sensory and cognitive thinking pathways strengths are your cheat codes for the fast track to academic and life success. Learn how to learn and work smarter, not harder. The key is to align and leverage your brain power for performance excellence.

An Hour Of Introspection!

Our daily hectic schedules do not allow us to maintain the balance in life. If meditation is not your cup of tea then you can convert this time into an Introspection time. Every day, have some special time for yourself to get the clarity of what you want in life and where you are going. All of us go through many upsetting events on daily basis, our own reactions to what happens to us, take us towards the undesirable situations in life. Do you really take things positively and move ahead in life or do you continue to live a default life?

Achieve Peak Performance by Harnessing Your Inner Voice

Have you realized that that little voice speaks the loudest when you are challenging yourself? It does not matter if you are doing something for the first time or you are doing it for the twentieth time. The voice inside likes to put in its 2 cents.

Ruling State of Mind – Positive Or Negative

Fifty percent of all the words that people produce from their working vocabulary are negative. Thirty percent are positive and Twenty percent are neutral. The Law of Attraction holds the energy that what you focus on is what you draw into your life. What do you want to draw into your life – positive or negative results? This article sets forth a list of negative words to avoid.

How to Overcome Tunnel Vision

From different perspectives this might sound like a bad thing to have especially when it limits us from achieving success in life. However it can also work to our advantage when applied correctly. The key to overcoming tunnel vision is in ensuring that we have decided to be in this state ourselves despite all the options we may have.

Learning Telekinesis – Step 1 – Believing

Forty years ago figure skaters were convinced that most difficult jump humans could attempt is a double jump. Nowadays skaters easily do four revolutions in the air.

Noise Management By The Brain

Why is it we only notice the loud blaring of street noise only after stepping into the silence of a public library? It appears that our mind does a lot of self-management on our behalf!

Mind Chatter – How to Gain Control of the Negative Thoughts

Shhh!!! I’m trying to listen to those voices in my head.

Finding Jobs – Your Search Results Unfold According to Your Dominant Thoughts

Life takes on the form of the dominant emotional thought pattern of the individual. In reference to finding jobs in Kenya, your search for jobs will unfold in the precise format of the dominant thoughts you have about finding a job. You can control that through Mind Mastery which is a human skill. It is much like learning how to ride a bicycle or play the guitar. You repeat the actions repeatedly, until they become second nature. Then we say you know how to ride a bicycle or play the guitar.

Socialisation and Its Impact on a Common Man

It is now, essential and necessary to develop a social bondage, which gives humans a value of brotherhood and cultural ties. It is also important to enhance, economic and ideological sense among them. The integration of the human resources, values and ideology will certainly benefit the societies positively affecting every individual. This can be achieved provided. We decided to realign our thinking pattern in a positive way. The determination to fight the negative thoughts and disruptive forces will produce encouraging results. It will eventually see the prosperity among all.

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