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Omega 3 Fish Oil – Boosting Brain Power

Omega 3 fish oil has been proven to boost brain power in many ways. Improving memory and focus as well as preventing the onset of dementia are some of the ways omega 3 combinations are becoming known for helping overall brain function and health in the body. From young children to older adults, people of all ages benefit from the concentration enhancing properties of fish oil.

The Easy Way to Meditate

After years of meditation, many tend to not care that much what the world does or thinks. Those who meditate are more likely to care about what they do, and their interface to the world. This is usually a happier, more productive way to live.

Conscious Understanding of Sub-Conscious Thoughts

The words conscious and consciousness covers a wide variety of mental phenomena. The diversified use of these words stretches and covers self and world, both physical and abstract. The necessity of understanding subconscious mind becomes important and valuable when conscious understanding evaluates the subconscious role. Whether its role is, in reality, or abstract, have little effect on the outcome of subconscious mind.

Is Your Brain Sabotaging Your Success? Re-Wire It Now!

Once you realize that you achieve whatever you are programmed to achieve according to your self -image and deep subconscious beliefs, you can move on and re-wire the brain. Modern science has given proof that the brain can be reprogrammed following specific steps.

Ways To Sharpen Your Brain And Boost Your IQ

Sharpening your brain and increasing your IQ is very possible when you follow a few simple methods and strategies and make a dedicated plan to make it happen. The objective of this article is to provide you a variety of methods you can use to help raise your mental functioning so that you can enjoy a better life.

Enhance Productivity by Harnessing Brainwave States

Maybe you’ve heard about brainwave states- Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta, which represent the electrical output of our brains. Each resonates within a specific frequency range, thus allowing humans access to different aspects of mental activity. Science now reveals that while we shift between these states naturally, we can also stimulate each state by guiding our brainwaves to the respective frequency. This is known as ‘entrainment’, and is gained through external sound and light pulsations or mental calming techniques like meditation. There is both an art and science to making best use of brainwave activity in boosting productivity and performance.

Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life

How much do you think your thoughts influence what happens in your life? You’ve read that question and now you are thinking about it in a conscious way. As a consequence of that you are forming an opinion on it. That’s how powerful thoughts can be! Most people aren’t fully aware that their thoughts bear such a strong influence on their daily lives. But once you start to think about it, you will see that it’s true.

The Mind and Body Connection

We tend to think about our minds and bodies as being completely separate entities. But in reality the two of them are connected more strongly than we might imagine. If you have ever heard about people having minor surgery under the influence of nothing but hypnosis, you will realize this is true. Of course most of us are happy to have anesthetic under these circumstances, but it does go to show just how powerful the mind can be!

The Power to Change Is Within You

Take a look around you right now. Do you like what you see? Are you happy with your life? If you aren’t happy there could be a million reasons why. But those reasons will all have one thing in common. They all stem from YOU. You might be surprised to learn this is the case. After all, if you are out of a job and you are struggling to get another one, is that necessarily your fault? If you never seem to have the money to get anywhere in life, is that your fault?

Change Your Life By Thinking

I’m sure that title caught your attention. It may sound like a challenge or perhaps a dream that is too good to be true. After all, the idea of changing your life simply by thinking in a different way is an eye opening one. Does it really work?

Why Emotions in The Workplace Rule

How to unite consciousness with non-consciousness, reason and emotion and left and right hemispheres. Very important for promotions.

Gratitude – What About It?

Who of us hasn’t fallen asleep with a question in our minds? At times those worries keep us from a restful night sleep. But what if, instead, we could sleep peacefully and wake up with an answer? Read on for the simple steps.

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