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Let Puzzle Games Work For You

Puzzles are designed to promote thinking with the individual and to help them think critically. Puzzle games can come in the form of subject games or just any kind of game that’s focused on helping the mind grow. Violence and games that involve gore need not apply.

7 Steps to Mastering Your Awareness

What are the 7 steps to mastering your awareness? What gentle transitions and needed skills will bring about new success habits?

15 Secrets Baby Boomers Can Use to Energize the Mind

Stress free living includes every areas of your life. When your mind is not active, it tends to lose its functionality. Your just not as conscious as you use to be. Feeling dull and fuzzy can be trying.

4 Steps You Can Take to Unlock the Power of the Mind

Given the opportunity to rewrite the storyline of your life, would you simply pass and say “No thank you, my life is perfect as it is!” Here are 4 steps you can take, starting today, to write yourself a new future.

Harness the Power of the Subconscious Mind

What is holding you back from having the success that you desire and deserve in life? Discover the power of the subconscious mind and what you can do to harness its power to give you all that you desire.

Boost Mental Power, Healing With Sound, All About the Mind

There are many ways that you can boost mental power and heal your mind with sound. One of the many compounds that we are looking at now is St John’s Wort, and this is something that may be even be growing commonly at your very own back garden. Although you might know that the brain improving qualities is something that is not stated out loud in the scientific community, there is a proven fact that the herb is able to create a buoyant attitude in the body and when one is most happy, then they are able to perform better in every mental way.

Play With Your Mind – Brain Training With Brain Games

There is a lot of talk these days about using brain games to train your mind. With each passing month, another study is released touting the efficacy of brain training and further emphasizing the importance of brain fitness. Along with this swelling body of research has come an ever-growing number of brain fitness programs hoping to take advantage of this trend; there are now thousands of so-called ‘brain games’ available on the internet.

Brain Training to Get Rid of Your Anxiety As You Are Growing Older

With the climbing of the years, our mind tends to deteriorate a bit. At first at a slow pace, but suddenly you feel as if you are getting very old very fast, you get anxious you might be a potential victim of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Of course there is no need for that, but you never can tell, can you? And if there is one thing that is hard to get rid of, it is anxiety.

Brain Training – Do Not Make Your Workout Too Easy!

It is a lot easier these days to keep your brain as sharp as a knife once you get older. Senior citizens do not have to settle for loss of memory, less agility of the body and the mind, confusion and other discomforts that are not the end of the world, but can make your life less worthwhile. Especially if you are used to being top fit and very focused, you can easily get irritated by yourself.

Harnessing the Power of Your Mind Through the Power Pause System

The “power pause system” maintains that success or failure is determined by the way you think and the decisions you make. The principle discounts education, skills and talents as a basis for success. The focus is on the mindset of an individual.

Intuitive Decision Making – Have You Got What it Takes?

There are some people who trust their “gut” instinctively. You know a few of them–perhaps you are one of them. But intuitively problem-solving/decision-making doesn’t work for everyone. This article encourages a more quantitative approach, unless you can prove to yourself that your gut is golden.

Subliminal Music and Your Personal Development

Mind power is all about music, and let me tell you about one of the best examples of how you can look into this. For one thing, when you are talking about being able to study well, some experts have also said that when you study, you should be listening to the music that you like, because it activates the areas of the brain that allow you to retain information and learn better. Now this is just one example of the kind of application that subliminal music actually came from and you can actually go further into this topic.

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