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4 Ways to Build Your Willpower

Usually when we hear the word “willpower,” we relate it to losing weight or quitting smoking. Willpower is extremely helpful when trying to break those bad habits, but it can also be beneficial in other areas of your life as well.

Everything Comes From Something

The MIND, the Gift we are all born with, but never have been able to discover it! The amazing reality is, we as human beings are creature of change, We Are able to ADAPT. Discover the power of your mind your ability to use your thoughts and visions to guide you.

Riddles and Brain Teasers Can Boost Your IQ

The simple act of spending a few minutes each day doing something that stimulates your brain can help maintain mental quickness. Riddles, which force you to think in non-traditional ways, are a good way to help keep up your mental fitness.

Increase Your IQ and Productivity

We devour meat with so much ruthlessness that would make a lion throw-up. We are so heavily loaded that we own several automobiles to ride in even when we have to visit the toilet from our sitting room. We can outsource almost all work we should have done personally, such as cooking, washing and sweeping, or we simply automate our homes with the latest equipment to handle the chores.

Unleashing Unconscious Mind Power – Part Two

How many times have you tried to change something in your life using willpower to overcome your unconscious habits? It is a strategy employed by millions of people around the world every New Year’s Eve. Top of the list of New Year’s resolutions is losing weight and getting fit. By the time February comes around most of these programs are a distant memory.

How to Break Bad Habits and Create Better Ones

Habits ultimately determine your destiny. More recent studies have even shown that habits, the act of conducting a task over and over again, may even affect our brain physically. Yet few of us are aware of the our habits, how they are formed and how to create or break them.

Quizzes – A Way to Make a Personal Assessment of Knowledge

Surveys prove that the quizzes are the best way to develop mental skills of the child; the quizzes are also helpful for the elderly people to develop mental skills better. Personal assessment is necessary timely to know the things individuals lack in.

Conception – The First Stage of Seven to Believe in an Idea

Creative people create something new, or a new variation on what may already exist – be it a new piece of art, a book or article, an invention, or even a new business idea. Creativity comes from within — it is inspired. The inspiration to create something new happens suddenly. The seed of it could be an idea, a feeling, or a random thought that an unseen light is illuminating in the heart or mind of the one inspired to create. The spiritually-minded would call it ‘faith’, and faith comes from hearing or receiving the inspired idea — the word of faith — allowing it to be as a seed that falls into a prepared (or “fertile”) heart or mind.

Unleashing Unconscious Mind Power – Part One

The secrets of a long, happy and successful life can be yours if you learn to unlock the power of your unconscious mind. This article shows you how to begin your journey to utilising this power.

Mind Power – Uncovering Common Mind Techniques

Stored within the human mind is an unlimited resource of strength and resolve. How much of this vast potential do you tap into everyday…or do you even believe it exists?

Action – The Second Stage of Seven to Believe in an Idea

To conceive an idea is a wonderful accomplishment. Yet to believe in an idea is to mentally agree that the idea can live. But that idea will not live until the energy of life is instilled into it. To do this, the ‘conceiver’ must “kick-start” it – or lose it. How many times have you heard of someone who had a great idea but procrastinated too long; someone else kick-started it first, and then they saw it through to completion? In this case, who was really the true believer?

Life is Like a Garden

As a Kansas farm girl growing up, we had rich black soil. Everything we planted seemed to sprout up and grow happily. Years later I moved to Norfolk, Nebraska where we had hard clay. It felt like I needed a jackhammer to drill a little hole to plant a flower. The flowers choked for nutrition and struggled to survive.

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