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Problems Or Situations – What Sounds Easier to Deal With?

What does the word ‘ problem’ mean, I’ll have to whip out my dictionary, I have a big blue dictionary. Ok, problem means; “difficult to deal with or solve.” How do we deal with something that is difficult, it is usually a downer and not a lot of fun, so how do we deal with a problem?

A Dozen Mind Expanding Strategies to Increase Brain Capacity!

Visual working memory is highly correlated to intelligence: People with a bigger VWM tend to score better on cognitive challenges. Have students practice multiple ways of visually encoding and retrieving information.

Take Control of Your Subconscious Mind

You have probably heard of the analogy of the subconscious mind as being like an iceberg. For example, when you see a iceberg in the ocean, you can only see the tip. The majority of the iceberg’s mass is below the surface. Our minds are the same – our conscious mind being the tip of the iceberg, and our unconscious mind being “under the surface”.

Reinforce Your Subconscious Mind

In all of these situations your subconscious mind is processing this information outside of your regular conscious awareness. Taking the first example listed above: When you hear your name mentioned you snap into that conversation. You can now hear every detail of what they are saying because your subconscious mind was processing all along.

Your Focus and Attention

What do you focus on most of your days? How beautiful the world around you is – or – how frustrated you are? How much abundance you have in your life – or – how nothing ever seems to go your way? When you focus on what is wrong, you can see it everywhere. When you focus on what is right – you will find an equal number of experiences and facts to support that belief. Focusing on the negative, or all that is wrong, keeps you stuck. When you focus on all that is right, good, wonderful and abundant in your life you will attract more joy into your life.

Ultimate Mind Power – Mind Power Secrets You Already Have

Years ago, Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich said “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” People had known of the ultimate mind power that each of has even then. It is no new phenomenon.

Improve Your Brain in 3 Easy Steps

In this article, I want to introduce you to 3 ways you can leverage the power of your mind to improve your brain power. Just as it can cause pain, your imagination, scientific studies have shown, can help you to do everything from improve your piano skills and even build muscles.

Control Over Body and Mind – How You Can Accomplish Total Control

Nous programming has in truth acquired its sources from facets of brainpower investigation, and this comes in about when experts and psychological physicians were all interested to know how the psyche truly performs. When you are thinking about the having control over body and mind, you need to consider many of the current technologies in the world today, and from there, you can actually ascertain what you need to be able to do to really have some self empowerment for yourself.

Ultimate Mind Power – Unleash it by Asking the Right Questions

How can you get the most out of your ultimate mind power? It is established that you can use the power of the subconscious mind to achieve better things in life. But did you know that the extent of you success depends on the kinds of questions you ask?

Ultimate Mind Power – Does This Really Work?

There is so much talk about the ultimate mind power and the things you can achieve with it. But does this really work? You can put this to the test to see if it works.

Solving Sudoku Helps Improve IQ?

Logic puzzles such as Sudoku are the cherry on the cake when it comes to exercising the brain. Earlier, oblivious to the world and only known to Japan, this game has briskly expanded its footprints and has taken the shape of a phenomenal fad. These addictive variations of the brain teasers have become a common feature of newspaper puzzle pages, brain storming books and quizzes.

The Wonder and Health of an Enquiring Mind

Almost all of life starts and finishes in the mind. We’ll think this a little odd but the creative mind has the tidal wave power for us to break like a tsunami over our mental, emotional and spiritual futures and it perhaps leaves us never having to face that torrent of hopeless sadness again. (I say “never” very conditionally.) The enquiring mind is set out of a paradigm for moment-by-moment, default learning.

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