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Operating Manual For Your Brain – What They Forgot to Tell You at School Or College

Have you ever wondered how come that you often remember things forever although you experienced them just once, sometimes even in a flash second only? (Even if you’d like to forget them quickly like the time a strange dog barked at you unexpectedly over a fence while you were passing by?) Obviously there are some brain mechanisms at work that make learning easy and everlasting, just remember the saying “once burnt, twice shy” – then remember how often you reread stuff for your school assignments and still it “wouldn’t stick”!

Eliminating Preferences – The Ruthless Act of Artistic Pursuit

So, you think you’re ready to discover, unravel, reveal and bring into verifiable existence your artistic talent? Before you begin the perilous journey, you are forewarned: “Obedience is greater than sacrifice.” Although the term “learning’ will be referred to, the appropriate word is “remembering.” You will remember and be able to access and produce every level of art/music held within. “…the spirit will bring all things to your remembrance”

Keys to Successful Living – Article on Self Development

I am convinced that anyone who implements the keys to successful living strategies will achieve noteworthy success in their chosen calling. Any person who distinguishes themselves to accumulate riches of any consequences possess these strategies, whether taught by old masters or learned accidentally.

Can You Really Boost Your Brain Power by Listening to Music?

Most people like to relax and pass the time doing activities such as watching TV, listening to music, gardening, traveling, and reading. Of all these activities, probably reading and listening to music are the two that stimulate your brain the most. Reading naturally stimulates your mind since it exposes you to new thoughts and ideas. Listening to music also stimulates your mind and can be a great way to boost your brain power.

The Art of Lazy Rich People

I surely can’t say the same about everyone, but I for sure was focusing on my results a lot and I only went as far as my actions and still there was no answer to why I am not getting the results I want. Have you had the same experience? So, where is the problem?

Zen and Self-Improvement

The immortal Robert M. Pirsig who wrote, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance said something to the effect that, if metaphysics brings something into your life, good for you, if not, forget about it and go on your merry way. Zen and the assorted Oriental philosophies are for believers. If you’re a believer it will work, if not, it won’t.

Media, Mindsets and Muscles – How to Get Your Thoughts Into Shape

It’s no secret that the media hooks us in with subtle twists of language. After all, if we don’t get hooked, then we don’t need to find out more, do we? It’s time to rise above the negativity. Choose to see the media and all of its doom and gloom as “resistance training” – actually helping your mental muscle to grow, and training you to get better and better at creating your own reality.

Discover How to Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Reality

“Your thoughts create your reality.” “What you focus on you attract.” “You are what you think about all day long.” We all know it’s possible to play an active part in shaping our own lives.

Controlling Your Mind Power – Proclaim Your Value!

Never again allow yourself to think of your value in pennies. You are worth so much more! Proclaim your value! I am not suggesting that you should shout it out to the world. Your value is your secret for now. Reveal it to no one other than yourself.

Making Hidden Subliminal Messages Work For You

Making hidden subliminal messages work for you is quite simple actually, because you are quite divorced from the process in the first place. While this is not hypnosis, a method that has gained unpopular reviews because of the recent reports of abuses, hidden subliminal messages work on the same basis of speaking to your subconscious mind, but there is a great difference in this. With hypnosis and other invasive mind ‘control’ therapies, you are left quite out of the circle of therapy and you often do not have any control of the messages that are being placed into your subconscious mind.

To Dream a Big Dream Learn How to Become As Large As Your Dream Needs You to Be

Over the years, I have found that although clarifying one’s dream can take some time, it’s not the dreaming that most people have issue with actually it’s the responsibility that comes with Dreaming Big. “You can advance [in life] only by being larger than you present place, and no one is larger than his present place who leaves undone any of the work pertaining to that place. The world is advanced only by those who more than fill their present places”.

Passing Through Your Mind to Reach Your Destiny

As someone attracted to reading this, you are no doubt already awakened to the fact that we are of an age wherein all our precious held beliefs about what it means to be successful and happy, have not, in the large, lived up to their promise. We live in both exciting and sobering times. Exciting because our only option, if we want to actualise the fulfilment of our inherent and intuitively understood potential, is to change. Sobering, because to precipitate this change we need to walk away from the illusions of our past, to shed them like a skin we have outgrown.

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