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Our Self Belief is the Key

The skeptics out there would have you believe that manifestation through thought power is not possible and whatever happens is a matter of course. These same group of people go along with the logic that we have all heard at some time and that is ‘Seeing Is Believing’. They always need the proof right in front of their eyes before they will accept anything.

How to Release Attachments and Detach From Desire!

Everything in the universe is energy. Energy cannot be destroyed it changes and flows constantly. When we desire something we have to align our energy to match that specific desire before it can come to us. Energy cannot flow and we cannot align with anything we are attached to. So how do we know we are attached to something?

How to Take Control of Your Mindset to Increase Productivity and Your Raise

How to take control of your mindset begins with understanding what mindset is. Mindset is belief-belief about yourself and your most basic qualities like your intelligence, your talents, your personality.

Are Mirror Neurons Going to Make Your Career?

New scientific research offers evidence of the power of your imagination. Creative imagery improves your ability to learn and retain skills, and cognitive knowledge. Discover it now.

Mind Control Programming – A Boon to the Humankind

In the ancient age, people always looked for a device by which they can control someone’s mind and to put codes to work accordingly. Well, all these notions went vain because at that time the technology was too slow and was really tough to make such a program.

How to Control Your Mind – Some Methods For You

It has been found that many people face different problems in life, bringing them mentally down. The main reason is due to lack of focus and self-management. If you can control your mind and make it discipline, then you can sure get good results. Everyone must have entered school and get educated, but we were never taught how to control your mind.

Living a Richer Life With Prosperity Affirmations

Here are key actions to get boundless wealth into ones life. Recognize what your core needs are.

Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind For a More Enriching Life

How does reprogramming the subconscious mind help anyone? What’s the subconscious mind anyway? The word subconscious is used in numerous dissimilar contexts. It has no exact or clear-cut meaning. This to a great extent limits its implication as a meaning-bearing idea. Take for example, riding a bicycle. Initially, when you first tried to ride a bike, your conscious mind is helping you try to ride the bike. You’re thinking how to balance the bike, pedal to move forward and steer to avoid hitting a tree.

What I Have Learned From Dandelions

What comes to mind when you think of the word “dandelion”? Take a moment to realize what ran through your mind as you were thinking about it…

Brain Games For Adults

Brain games for adults is a bit of misnomer, if by games you mean something to pass the time, because we adults can do much more with brain games these days than pass the time. Ever heard of neurogenesis? Neurogenesis is a term used to describe the daily growth of new neurons, which is a capacity of the human brain that no one new about until about 10-15 years ago.

About Brainwave Entrainment and BWE Products

Brainwave entrainment CDs and MP3s have become some of the most downloaded and talked about self development products on the market. Many people purchase these products at face value without first informing themselves about how brainwave entrainment works. If you look past the hype and mystique surrounding bwe, you will discover that it really is a remarkable technology with a wide range of potential applications, but you may begin to question the claims of some of its promoters. As with any other product, an informed decision is the best decision.

Meditation Warning #2 – Read This Before You Sit Cross Legged to Meditate

Many people have been taught to sit cross-legged to meditate. Why do I warn against the cross-legged posture, when it has been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in many traditions? The answers may surprise you.

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