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A Quantum Leap of Our Mind

We have a secret, well-hidden mind beneath the twelve lanes of rush-hour traffic in our heads that is quiet, clear, creative, and very powerful. It can guide us personally and collectively to a new world of abundance for all of us. The danger is that the way to accomplish this is too simple. It’s dangerous because we have been programmed to complexity, not simplicity, and we tend to discount anything that seems too simple to warrant out attention. It was Albert Einstein, one of our brainiest people who said that, “If the answer is simple, God is speaking.” Be forewarned, then, lest you overlook one of the greatest discoveries of your ifetime.

Change Your Mental Mindset

Changing your mental mindset is one of the most difficult things to do but it must be the first thing you accomplish in order to become a true entrepreneur. Most people have the ability deep inside them to excel but never find the strength or vision to release the true potential within them. There are several things a person must do in order to change their mental mindset and achieve the things that you have only dreamed about.

The Importance of Mental Conditioning to Our Success

“The world meets nobody halfway, if you want it you gotta take it.” This memorable quote from a Sylvester Stallone movie is still etched in my memory bank. What is the meaning behind this quote? It simply means that if we want to succeed in anything in this world we need to do the things that make the difference to whether we succeed or not because there are no in-between measures for the winners.

Manifesting and the Subconscious Mind

Our world is governed by several Universal laws and those who are will to learn and apply these laws — that have been taught by all the great teachers and teachings throughout the ages — see results within a very short time, often immediately! One important key to manifesting is understanding the role of the subconscious mind.

Perfect Gift – The Fifth Stage of Seven to Believe in an Idea

The concept is born, and the seed of faith to believe in an idea is sown. Energy is applied to it, and like the seedling struggling to reach the light, work and action is required for it to break through the soil of resistance.

Endurance – The Fourth Stage of Seven to Believe in an Idea

When an idea is tested, many and varied obstacles will be thrown against the faith level of the one who believes in the idea. Unbelief will challenge belief, not just once, but many times, again and again, testing the endurance level of the believer, and equally, in return, the believer testing the unseen forces of unbelief – until one or the other wearies, and finally admits defeat.

Quantum Mind Power – Unlock Your Hidden Power

Do you want to access the deepest recesses of your mind where astounding mental powers reside? Imagine if you could reach deep meditative states like Zen monks and condition your mind to achieve your potential in areas like finances, relationships and health.

Don’t Like the Person You Are and Want to Change? Learn Mind Control Techniques

If you’re frustrated with yourself and want to become a different and better person, you have to go to work on reprogramming your subconscious mind. This can be done by using mind control techniques and made easier when used in combination with a binaural beats download.

The 7 Simple Steps to Productive Dreams

Throughout history and in all sorts of civilizations it is through the understanding of what happens in dreams that the clues to the achievement of goals and aspirations will be revealed. By tapping into the contents of your subconscious mind through the medium of dreams you can discover many pointers to the actions necessary.This article reveals some simple steps that you can take towards doing just that.

The Power of the Mind – Mental Health and Dream Translation

Translating your dreams and following the guidance of the wise unconscious mind, you’ll be able to develop completely your intelligence, and your mind will have the power to discover how to achieve your goals, depending on the conditions of the reality where you are, on its dangers, and on its future development. You cannot transform the reality where you are directly. You have to study a lot, examining all the points that you want to transform, otherwise your interference will be disastrous and you’ll never achieve your goals.

Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a very important part of life. To be able to complete a task that needs to be done, no matter what your body or your mind is telling you is tough. But once your good at it, nothing can stop you from getting what you want. So how do you get good at it?

Yoga and Surfing – Soul Mates

What does the Ocean, a Surfboard and Yoga have in common? A sense of Oneness and Peace.

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