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Sweeping Mental Resilience

I can see him now- gliding past in his wide reaching golf ball sweeper-upper. It’s like a vacuum cleaner for balls on the driving range and allows for quick retrieval of thousands of little white spheres dotted across the lawn.

The Power of Conscious and Subconscious Thought

What one expects to happen has a strong tendency to occur. The stronger the expectancy, the better the change of its outcome. We become what we think about daily. Imagination has more power than knowledge. When imagination and intellect conflict, imagination always wins.

Mind Power Success is All in Your Control

You can clearly achieve much greater success in every area of your life once you discover the simple mind power techniques available to anyone. Learn the reason why you have not had the success to which you aspire.

The Guide to Intuition

Some people just have a hunch that something is going to happen and many times this becomes reality. So why do certain people have this intuition while others do not have a clue. So just what is intuition?

Use Mind Power to Supercharge Your Life

Mind power is a term which you have probably heard and hastily discarded many times over, without ever giving much consideration to its power and effectiveness. However, the truth is, you can easily learn to use your mind power to quickly achieve goals which have eluded you in the past.

Use Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Success in Life

We are actually using our conscious and subconscious mind to work every day. What are the differences between the two? And how is success in our life actually influenced by our subconscious mind?Conscious mind works by us thinking through what are required in order to make a decision…

Keys to Unlocking Your Mind Power

It is universally accepted that we only use a fraction of our minds. A tiny fraction. So that means that we have as yet to utilize a large part of our mind’s potentials. Many will say that the mind is much more powerful than our physical beings and in fact, our physical selves are nothing more than vessels for our mind. It is in fact that our physical bodies is the thing that limits our minds the most!

Overcoming Obstacles

Every great leader faced challenges. History abounds with stories of success being created out of adversity. How determined are you to reach your goals? What are you willing to do in order to reach that level of success?

Brain Builder Exercises Boost Grey Matter

New Mexican researchers report that brain builder training exercises, specifically playing the video game Tetris may actually up the amount of grey matter you have in your brain. The study appears in the open access peer-reviewed scientific journal BMC Research Notes and is one of the first to use two different imaging techniques to investigate the effect of practice on the brain.

How to Use Your Mind Power Effectively to Live a Fulfilling Life

Do you know that our body have a very powerful tool that when used efficiently, it could change your life for the better dramatically? It’s our brain. When utilized correctly, our brain, or mind can be the best asset we ever own for helping us getting what we want in life, that includes having a fulfilling life.

The 7 Keys to Stepping Into Your Greatness

There are times in our lives we get so comfortable that we forget to challenge and stretch our minds and therefore fail to live up to our fullest potential. We settle for being “good” versus being “great”. Sometimes it is the events in our lives that shape who we are and help us rediscover what we are meant to do.

How to Use 50 Percent More of Your Mind

Do you know that most of us are using only a small part of our marvelous mind? Because of this, it is dangerously out of balance and causing massive fear, stress, and conflict. But, with one simple step you can re-balance it, vastly improving the quality of your thinking, your emotional intelligence, and life experiences; and revealing a new mind with all the genius you already have to live abundantly and renew our little, blue planet.

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