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Manifesting Secrets – How One Simple Brain Hack Can Permanently Quadruple Your Manifesting Results

Would you like to know how to use one simple ‘brain hack’ that can permanently quadruple the results your getting from your manifesting practice? Ever wondered why some people can get incredible results yet others are always ‘trying’? This article will show you exactly how to be the kind of person who gets results, not watches from the sidelines.

The Problem With Problems – Or Learning to Deal With Problems

Problems are like loose change. You find them ‘around’ you. You find it in your sofa or chair, on the floor of your car, on the dressing table. There is usually not enough value yet to really pay attention to unless it really starts building up. (This is also how most people look at problems. They are ignored until they get big enough.) After you accumulate enough in one place, you need to do something with it.

Mind Mapping For Mental Clarity

Keeping your mind fresh and your ideas original is a valuable edge in the competitive world of business. The daily grind of running a business, however, can leave you drained. If you ever played around with your ideas as a kid, using crayons and paper, to draw out your dreams and future, you may have done some mind-mapping without knowing it.

Liberation of the Sub-Conscious Mind

Why is it that you talk and think positively at a conscious level, you visualize your goals, but at the end of the year you are still in the same emotional black hole? According to Eric Robbins M.D the key reason is that we suppress and bury deep within our sub-conscious mind all our anger and fears.

Develop Your Mindset For Loving Kindness

Develop your mindset for loving kindness. Form the habit of being nice to others in spite of their behavior. Develop the mindset for gratitude, which will change your response and perspective towards others who offend you. Refrain from giving unwanted advice. See the good in others, and give them the benefit of the doubt. Be forgiving and forgetful of others wrong doing. Live in the present moment to practice loving kindness.

Unleash Your Mind – Reject Feeling Trapped

Depression is about the worst thing you can allow when working on mind development, instead I recommend that you remain positive, set goals, and get out of your rut. You must reject this notion that you cannot or are not able to overcome and adapt.

IQ and Heredity

A little boy went up to his father and asked: “Dad, where did all of my intelligence come from?” The father replied. “Well son, you must have got it from your mother, because I still have mine.

Develop Your Mind and Reject Your Rut

As competition in school and the job markets heat up there is a race for people to become smarter. Scientists as well as futurists are already predicting a day when athletic performance enhancing steroids won’t be the only thing people are popping.

Your Mental and Physical Backbone – Time For an Adjustment

Seems to me that focus and mental discipline are the mental equivalent of the spine and chiropractic care. Both are pretty much unrecognized for their far-reaching contributions to our underlying good health and countenance in the world.

You Are Not Your Mind

In fact, most of the time, your mind actually controls you. You are a slave to your mind. A slave to thinking 24/7. Let me ask you this. Have you found the off button? Are you able to stop thinking at a moments notice? Or does that seem rather difficult? If it does, which for most people it is. Then you need only to take a step back and simply observe the mind. Watch it. Begin watching the thinker. But in order to do that, you must realize that you are not your mind. That my friends, is the beginning of freedom. Freedom from the thinker.

Will Your Subliminal Message Software Work For You?

The effectiveness of the software has been doubted by many, usually those who’ve never tried it themselves. The Software itself is developed in such a way which helps you to absorb the subliminal messages (the affirmations) effortlessly. This technology has been used to improve the performance of top sportspeople as well as lives of millions of ordinary people like you and me. It works. The problem, it seems, could stem from the actual subliminal messages.

High Performance – How to Control Your State of Mind to Make All the Difference

The key to top performance is your state of mind. Rather than leaving it to chance, you can use this technique to put yourself in the best state of mind for any situation.

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