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Mental Barriers

What are the things that stop us from being at our intellectual best? What are these mental barriers?

The Benefits of Intelligence

Will being intelligent ever get the kudos it deserves and is intelligence really that beneficial to those who have it? Maybe!

What Do Binaural Beats Stimulate and Can I Use Them to Enhance Astral Projection Meditation?

Binaural beats have a direct impact on your physical body. They modify your brainwave frequencies by controlling the frequencies that the brain is exposed to. This can greatly enhance your astral projection meditation process as well as lead to enhanced relaxation, memory and a sense of inner peace.

10 Steps to Improved Concentration

Need to have a focused mind to get that job done? Having difficulties with your mental concentration? Here are 10 Steps to a laser-like mental concentration.

Wanna Double Your Attention Span?

Your most important skill for success in school and career is an active Attention Span (concentration). Learn the baby-easy skills to double your Attention-Span.

How to Use Your Own Brain Waves to Combat ADD

What is the problem with A.D.D. sufferers as related to brain waves? What is the problem with A.D.D. sufferers as related to brain waves?

The Amazing Benefits of Keeping Your Brain Active

It’s only in recent years that scientists have really been able to take a look at just what makes the brain tick. Using advanced equipment such as MRI scans scientists have been able to determine what areas of the brain are active during certain activities or states of emotion that the test subject is going through. We now know about the chemicals that are released in the brain under different circumstances and events in our lives. Spiritual healers have long talked about the mind/body connection and now science is proving it true.

Our Words Create Our Future

The words we use to describe the future actually create that very future. For example, if we think something will be “difficult” it often is. If we want to alter the future, change the way we describe it. This has long been a recognized principle of ancient wisdom which suggests, “Be careful what you wish for. You may get it.”

The Importance of Life Balance

There are many aspects in life that you have to keep balanced in order to achieve total or overall health, security, and happiness. You need to improve each and every aspect to give your self a chance for growth and development. It is not very easy to achieve a balanced life but with enough determination and knowledge about how to do it, it is not impossible.

Boosting Your Intelligence

How can you increase your intelligence when everything points to us losing mental faculty as we age? It is possible to boost your intellectual capacity.

Developing Strategic Thinkers

Strategic thinking is regarded as an essential core competency for leadership positions. In fact, many organizations already use this competency, among others, to appraise and evaluate the performance of their executives and leaders. Thus, a competency gap in strategic thinking is considered serious, and organizations will attempt to eliminate this gap. This brief article explores the most effective means to develop strategic thinkers.

That Was Then, This Is Now

That was then, this is now. Let that be your mantra when you think of something that happened to you earlier in your life that stops you from doing something now. You focus on it, for a short moment, then remind yourself – That was then, this is now. Then you dismiss it…

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