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Improving Your IQ

Intelligence tests have been used since 1903, when the famous French psychologist Alfred Binet devised a questionnaire that could measure the intelligence of school children. This test has been revised through the years to stay current and to factor in how environment, genetics and background can all influence a test result. Controversial and ground breaking the IQ test has been the measuring stick for nearly a century and while the test itself can be debated there is no doubt that human intelligence can be improved upon and developed.

Thinking Through Brain Games

Thinking is one of the amazing functions of the human brain. Still the subject of much debate and research into topics such as how we think, why we think and what thinking means there is no doubt that our ability to think, problem solve and come up with creative solutions is something that sets humans apart from other animals.

3 Keys to Obtain the Right Type of Strongholds

We have discovered and learned that negative or wrong strongholds exist in the mindset of Non-Christians as well as Christians. A negative or wrong mindset is a stronghold, having a carnal mindset.

The Millionaire Mind – Can You Think and Grow Rich?

You know, being a millionaire and creating wealth is not the be all and end all. But having a millionaire mind and financial independence is a helluva lot more fun than having a poverty mindset and being broke! And it will give you the freedom to live the life you want to live… on your terms!

Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness allows you to relate to and deal directly with whatever is happening in your life. Instead of struggling to escape, suppress or avoid distressing thoughts and feelings, mindfulness helps you approach whatever is going on in your life, in your thoughts, and with your emotions, without becoming overwhelmed. When you start being more mindful and start living in the present moment, you’ll experience your life more fully, and become more in touch with yourself, who you are, what is important to you, and what you want out of life.

Be Your Own Boss Using Powers of the Mind

How to utilize your brain and positive thought to develop and improve your regular habit, skills, promotion and even use you power of vision for gaining profit in business. If use correctly, these are the benefits of powers of the mind that can be your key to success.

Historical Determinism and Freedom of Choice

The reality we see is governed by laws that dictate the gradual development of the whole and all its parts. This development begins with the phase preceding conception and ends.

Mind Power Utilization

All the creations in the world can be done using Human Mind Power. Our Mind has the power to create anything. The Power of Mind is not utilised well by Human Beings now.

Some Simple and Valuable Tips to Improve Your Concentration

Distractions and your state of mind rule the extent of concentration you can have. This article presents a few tips that will help you to improve your concentration by combating mental stress and other surrounding disturbances.

Improving Concentration For Better Performance and Increased Memory

Improving concentration is very vital, as we need concentration to do our daily activities efficiently. Tips to improve concentration are discussed here.

Improve Memory Games to Unleash Your Mind Power

The power of the human brain is yet to be calculated and so is the human memory. A poor memory can be embarrassing, so play memory games to enhance the power of your mind.

Reading – Are All Books That Boring?

Limiting reading to only newspapers and magazines is becoming more and more common as we grow older. Books, whether its due to our hectic lifestyle, or just to many choices, don’t get the attention that they deserve.

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