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Self-Directed Brainwashing

Brainwashing is a term that has a negative connotation, yet it is the only method by which we can improve our lives and achieve any goal we desire. The concept of brainwashing is to wash out the brain, meaning thoughts, beliefs, personality, and replace it with newly selected thoughts. The definition of brainwashing, be it good or bad, is determined by what you put in the mind when it is clean.

Simple Techniques Show How to Increase Brain Power

People say that life is nothing but a series of challenges. If that’s so, then there’s one sure way to be ready for whatever life throws at you: learn how to increase brain power.

Adult’s Games – Play Them and Succeed

Playing online games are the buzzword. But not all games are rot and useless. Instead there are brain teasers, riddles and puzzles that can stimulate your brain cells and make you lead active and healthy life. Adults’ games are so designed to improve memory and to ward off age old diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer.

Games For Adults to Play and Win in Life

The brain is the most complex organ and like all other parts of the body, it also needs nourishment to be active and kicking. It has been observed through scientific studies and research that playing brain games for adults can have substantial benefit in day-to-day functioning. Playing brain games for adults help exercise the brain just as a regular workout tones the body muscle and keeps you fit and in shape.

How to Boost Your Brain Power by Eating More Healthily

If you have found yourself performing a little below par at work, the answer may well be in your diet. So, before rushing out to see your physician with concerns of how to boost your brain power, give these tips a go.

Analysis Paralysis – The Mind Trap

You know that feeling of how sometimes we plan on doing something but never end up doing it? This is analysis paralysis. What happens is that we spend so much time thinking about how to take action that it begins to become the action itself. The thinking part replaces that doing part as the action. This is a cycle that you do not want to get yourself into.

What is Intelligence? First, Let’s Talk About What it Isn’t

Most people assume intelligence is scoring high on an IQ test, and while these tests do measure at least some types of intelligence, we need to be careful what we take away from them. If we consider them the “be all end all” of human intellect we are making a big mistake. Further, we ought to be cognizant of the fact that there are errors from testing in this way, and folks who game these tests for upward mobility in school and society.

Practical Energy Skills – Secrets of Building Thought Forms

Do you know this easy way to build your own thought forms? Read on and discover how to use this very useful energy discipline today.

You’ll Feel it When You Believe It – A Radical Insight in Plain View

Blaming the way you feel for your problems is like blaming feeling hot for causing a fever. But we all do it.

How to Have a Lucid Dream in 7 Easy Methods

Below I have put together 7 of the best Lucid Dream Induction methods which you can use to help you begin lucid dreaming today. These 7 steps are really easy to follow so read on!

5 Secrets to Help You Successfully Concentrate on Any Task

Do you know how to concentrate on any particular task? You will after you read this and use these secrets.

Strengthen it and Benefit From it Because You Either Use it Or Lose It!

One of America’s favorite past times is actually a default. For instance, many Americans spend five hours a day watching TV. If they aren’t doing anything they are watching TV.

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