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The Law of Attraction, the Law of Direction and Me, Crying in the Wilderness!

Let’s assume for the moment that you’re earning a hundred thousand a month, you own a mansion in the country and an apartment in Manhattan. You own a large limousine, chauffeur driven of course, a trophy wife and a French maid. Yes, why not. Let’s go the whole hog! Oh, and a private aeroplane. Fine. Now what? And I don’t mean that! I can hear you thinking those naughty thoughts!

You Are What You Want to Be

Every day, every hour, every second we can change our life. All the times are good for changing. Starts with you.

Real Mind Power Secrets

The real mind power secrets totally depend on how you handle your conscious awareness. You are in charge and liable of your actions. You are to motivate your desires whether they are for goodness or for self destruction.

Mindset and Success

Mindset plays a substantial role in success. And we, as individuals, have complete control over whether we use mindset to our advantage or to our hindrance.

The Meditation Mind?

Can the mind be free of time, and as a consequence void of thought? How do you enter the state of the Meditation Mind?

Mental Modeling – Things You Should Know About Thought Chains

Meditation is the process of understanding your own mind. The concept of Thought Chains and creating a working Mental Model of how your mind functions.

Breaking Old Habits!

What is a habit? Why and how are old habits formed? How can we get rid of our bad habits?

Release Your Attachments and Be Free to Create

We can all get attached to the outcome of one thing or another, especially when it’s uncertain. I’m sure you know people who are so attached to something, they feel that if it doesn’t turn out they way they want, they won’t be happy. In fact, they place their whole source of happiness on having that thing work out correctly.

How to Shape Your Destiny by Developing a Powerful Memory and Powerful Mind

In today’s age, we are becoming evermore dependant on things outside of ourselves to give us joy, passion, happiness and wealth. What we fail to realize is that all of the resources we need are deep within us and are far more powerful than anything we could ever conceive. If people would start to master their mind and their personal power, they would realize how external factors are nothing more than a myriad of distractions, attachments and are fleeting and impermanent.

Thought Chains & Meditation – The Problem & the Cure!

Meditation is the process of understanding your own mind. The concept of Thought Chains and creating a working Mental Model of how your mind functions.

Positive State of Mind – Re-Experience It!

Using Yoga and Meditation and knowledge of your strongest sense modalities, you can create a conscious suggestion to respond to a positive mental trigger, that you plant in your own subconscious mind. This will allow you to re-experience a positive state of mind anytime and anywhere.

How to Maintain and Improve Your Intelligence!

Intelligence is something very close to our brains and mind. Many times the three of them are being combined or referred to as ONE and the same. I’m not going to discuss the native intelligence that we bring into the world at the moment of our birth, I’m merely going to refer to that intelligence that we use to conduct ourselves in the societies that we live in and in the world in general… many times we call this being smart.

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