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Improving Your Life – With Your Mind As Your Friend

Have you ever made goals, and not reach them, or maybe you do not set goals, but you experience an ongoing apathy,or dissatisfaction with your life. For example weight loss, I am guessing, is an issue many people agonize on a daily basis. I know I do. The other one is finances. Constantly short of funds, and always living from payday to payday…

Mental Focus – The Clear Path To Wealth And Prosperity

The orderly brain, it catalogs where your stuff is located, even when your stuff is in a clutter, it creates neural pathways to keep track of your stuff. You can view this matter another way by using the analogy of a map; if you were to keep you stuff neat and organized, the mental map inside your brain would also be organized with direct pathways for you to find your stuff. On the other hand if your stuff was in a clutter….

5 Basic Points to Think Before Getting Angry

How often do you get angry? For what reason do you get angry? Do you take control over your anger? Do you think that your anger helps to accomplish something? If you do not like your temper and anger, if you try to control your emotion, here are some points to go through before you lose control.

How Your Belief System Determines Your Future

Belief systems shape our behaviors, and impact our choices. The manner in which we express ourselves, the careers we choose, the number of children we have, the neighborhoods we live in are all born from our beliefs.

You Can Train Yourself to Be Happy

Do not you feel overwhelmed by awful things happening to your life? Do you feel constantly depressed, sad, resentful, cynical, and skeptical? Are you truly the person who has the worst luck in the world? Is it true that only terrible things happening in your life? Think again. It is just because your brain is tricking you to consider everything in a negative way. Do you want to correct or change your reaction being positive and happy? There is a way. Please find it out.

Doing The Dance of Shiva – Slow and Smooth

I’ve recently discovered that doing the Dance of Shiva slowly feels really good. It gives me time to feel what I am doing. My inspiration for doing it slowly comes from a number of sources, one of the main ones being Tai Ji.

How To Create Fun Self Improvement When You Buy Mindflex

You could go to more seminars, hire another life coach, read more books… or you could buy Mindflex. Personally, I choose Mindflex.

Printable Personality Tests

When it comes to have a check upon your kid’s ability to act convincingly in varying situations, you always look for something that can really help you judging or analyzing the strengths your kid possesses. Printable personality tests nicely fit this purpose by which you not only can determine the inner strengths but also you make your kids more skilled than before. These personality tests are even used by various students to check their knowledge levels or uplifting them.

Exercise Your Mind

Does someone have to think to do normal things like eating, drinking, walking etc or do they do these things by instinct? We are taught that we need to develop our thinking mind. We are encouraged to exercise our mind at home, school and later in the working environment. Great emphasis is placed on thinking and those that come up with original thoughts and ideas can get paid a lot to think.

How to Motivate Yourself Using Audio

The mind is stimulated by the senses and information taken through the ears is especially powerful. Instead of capturing visual imagery we are going to use aural imagery to motivate ourselves and stimulate our subconscious.

How to Motivate Yourself Using Imagery

I am going to share a couple of great techniques on how to motivate yourself to achieve a goal or stay motivated throughout a project. 1. Start by writing down a clearly defined, achievable goal or goals.

Brain Wave Entrainment Techniques Can Change Your Mind For The Better!

Can you really control your thoughts? If there is something causing you to focus on a major problem in your life you may think it is impossible. Although you can stop yourself from acting on every thought it is a different matter when it comes to stopping yourself thinking about something in particular. Your thoughts have more power than you realize. Constantly thinking about something causes you to follow that course of action. Your actions follow your thought patterns in your mind. Therefore, by constantly having a negative attitude towards life you will attract those things to happen causing a fulfilling prophecy which reinforces your view and you will eventually end up being known as the person with a negative attitude, which is not a pleasant thought. But you can reverse this pattern with practice and the help of modern technology!

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