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Brainwave Frequencies List – Learn More About Your Mental State

Each of us has various brainwave patterns that determine how we experience life. There are five major brainwave states that can be better understood by looking at a tool called a “brainwave frequency list” or “brainwave frequency chart.” This frequency chart lists various brainwave patterns and provides a brief description of each brainwave range. Learn more about your mental state by gauging your dominant brainwave frequencies.

Brainwave Entrainment Technology – The Ultimate Personal Growth Tool

There are many products on the market that claim to be the next best personal growth tool, but one tool that has been used for many years now seems to remain the most effective. The best tool on the market to serve as a supplement to your personal growth is called “brainwave entrainment.” In case you don’t know, brainwave entrainment is the process of changing your brainwaves with an audio tone to achieve a desired mental state.

The Levels of Awareness – Part 8

We learned that if we raised our awareness, we could reach our potential and achieve our goals. Today’s article looks at the seventh and highest level: MASTERY.

Clairvision – A School That Teaches You How to See With Your Third Eye

A decade ago, San Diego hosted the Superbowl, an event that glorifies football, the body-breakingest sport in the United States. As the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers prepared for physical battle, the international staff of Sydney, Australia’s Clairvision School held workshops in La Jolla to facilitate the spiritual healing of attendees.

Unleashing the Power of the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind indeed has powers that can change our lives for the better, and some techniques have been explored to reached out and unleash the powers of the subconscious. This includes meditation, hypnosis and even subliminal messages.

Achieve Your Goals Through Subliminal Mind Control

There have been many techniques explored to reach out or influence the subconscious. One of these is the use of subliminal messages. Subliminal technique may be something that we tend to ignore, but it can bring amazing changes that we think we are unachievable in our lives.

Free Brain Games Online

The brain needs to be exercised just as much as the body. It’s sometimes just a little tougher to figure out how to keep the brain fit. Recent studies have pointed to the benefits of playing games to improve brain health and fitness. Now you can do crossword puzzles or play board games, but these can be both repetitive and time consuming. Enter the world of the internet. At the present time there are a number of sites that offer free brain games online.

Increase Mind Power

To increase mind power, that is the question, to paraphrase the bard, and that phrase can mean so many different things to so many different people. To a kid with ADD, it could mean staying focused, to a kid with ADHD, slowing down, to a Senior Citizen, it might mean remembering a grocery list, or sustaining the visual acuity to drive to and from the grocery store, to an individual beginning the recovery process from an addiction, it might mean switching into the meditative physiology, and opening up to those insights, to a parent of an autistic kid, it might mean an emotional response from your child.

The “Process Paradigm” and the New Thought Movement

The New Thought Movement has become the media darling over the last few years as well as the dominant paradigm in Personal Development literature. ‘New Thought’ encompasses a wide assortment of philosophies, ideologies, theologies and practical wisdom from all over the world. In this article we’ll be looking at one of these philosophies known as, ‘The Process Paradigm.’

Theta Brain Waves Can Increase Creativity

Theta brain waves have been associated with highly creative states and highly creative people such as artists and musicians. It is important to understand that although theta brain waves may cloud your thinking, they play an important role in helping you learn how to develop your creativity. You can learn about how the theta brainwave state can help you develop your creativity and stand-out from the crowd.

Practical Mind Skills – Inner Game Tactics For Waking Up Feeling Like the Incredible Hulk

Who else wants to wake up every morning feeling like the incredible hulk? Read on and I’ll share with you a peak performance cocktail of simple mind tricks that will turn you from lazy slug into superhuman starting now!

Practical Mind Skills – Outer Game Tactics For Waking Up Feeling Like the Incredible Hulk

Who else wants to get up every morning feeling like the Hulk? Read on and I’ll share with you a peak performance cocktail of simple body tricks that will turn you from lazy slug to superhuman starting now!

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