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Want Some Quick Tips To Quickly Develop A Powerful Brain? Use These Tips To Feel Incredibly Clever

Are you looking to get the most out of your life? To fully utilize the power of your brain to experience the most fulfillment, enriching experience and make discoveries that are profound and life altering? There are a variety of incredible tools and tips you can start doing immediately to significantly increase the function of your brain and change your experience and results in the world.

Programmed Dreams – Answers to the Question of Abortion

For years, I had awaited the opportunity to try the programmed dream on a person who was thinking about abortion. In thirty-nine years, none of the programmed dreams instructed anyone to do something morally wrong, so I was curious about the answer we would get concerning the question of abortion.

Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

On average, we talk to ourselves 65,000 times a day. Given this fact, it is extremely difficult for most people to learn the traditional Eastern styles of meditation that involve learning to empty the mind. 65,000 dialogues with ourselves each day means there is plenty of clearing to do!

Programmed Dreams – How To Start Getting Answers Tonight

Enlightenment, when most of us think of Enlightenment we are drawn to the the image of turning on a light in a dark room. We are now able to see things that were otherwise invisible to our naked eye. However the alignment that I am speaking of is much deeper and broader. It is an overwhelming and sudden illumination that was previously out of the range of our knowledge and or experience.

Programmed Dreams – For Psychological Problems

A professional woman, who performed at the highest level in her profession, had a very serious problem. If her husband were ten minutes late coming home from work, she might take a blade and cut her wrists.

Programmed Dreams – A One-Minute Path to Enlightenment

You don’t have to be yogi and meditate in a cave for 50 years to reach enlightenment. With this technique nearly everyone can get enlightened answers any night at will. All it takes is one minute at bedtime to formulate a question, and one minute upon awakening to retrieve the answer.

Mastermind Groups – The Benefits of Masterminding

If you are considering joining a mastermind group or creating one, be sure that you clearly understand the purpose of masterminding. More importantly, do you understand your purpose?

The Devil Is White

“What color is the devil?” I asked a group of teenagers sometime ago, and I got a unanimous deafening answer; “Black!” I was stunned – not at their answer, but at their certainty. I got really curious. “Have you guys seen the devil before?” I was compelled to ask. “No” they responded. “So what gives you the impression the guy is black?” I further probed. Then the room was almost quiet, except for some little buzzes here and there. “How about the devil is white?” I calmly proposed, taking advantage of the silence. “No!” They all riotously yelled as the room became boisterous again.

Want to Know How to Keep a Sharp Mind?

There are a few ways we can remain wise as we get older. How to keep a sharp mind is on many people’s agendas but there are a few things you can do, like to keep learning as you go through life.

Sure-Fire Ideas on How to Get a Razor Sharp Mind

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ve wondered — at some point — how to get a razor sharp mind. It is important to remain mentally capable in the workplace and at home for adults, and for children better concentration could lead to higher grades.

Discover an Easy Way How to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Let’s face it, these days it’s important to know how to keep your mind sharp. We’re working and living longer and people begin to wonder if it will be there mind or their body that goes first as they age.

The Naked Man

The shame one gets when he appears naked in public seem to be small compared with the shame someone gets when he or she appears naked in terms of success, achievements and breakthroughs. The naked man is that human being who walks the face of the earth even though not physically naked, is naked psychologically. How? You may ask.

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