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Unleash the Subliminal Power of Your Mind

We have all heard the term subliminal power but what does it mean really? To the average bystander, it can conjure images of mind control techniques and in some cases alien encounters of popular pop culture references and movies. But in truth, the subliminal power of your mind is a latent and potentially explosive volcano that sits in the centre of the cortex of your mind, waiting to be unleashed. Science has not been, until today, able to traverse the entire landscape of the mind, in which case, they can only account for less than 30% of the brain’s actual functions and potential.

Six Surprising But Scientific Ways to Improve Concentration

Can you improve your ability to concentrate? Yep. And it might be a lot more fun than you expected. Here are six surprising but scientifically-backed ways to boost cognition and concentration.

The Architect of Peace

The day one decides to set sail is one’s transition from past to eternally present, blindness to vision, bondage to freedom, fixed to afloat, thinking to meaningful, restrained to motivated, incapacitated to revelation, ceremonial. As one canoes offshore and bids farewell to its limited function, adrift, consciousness is born and lingers eternally. One can truly inhale deeply at that moment in time the aroma of one’s true potential to succeed and achieve great things…contentment with a simple log raft, which I know intrinsically, one’s architect would determine how large and complex it would eventually become.

Teaching Students About Failure and Success

Teachers spend a great deal of time preparing their students for success, but how much time do they spend teaching them how to deal with failure? This article explores the need and benefits of preparing students to properly deal with failure in school, and at work.

Average IQ Score – What is it and What Does it Mean For You?

The abbreviated term IQ stands for intelligence quotient. It is a tool used to determine how “bright” someone is. If a room filled with people took the same IQ test, chances are very few, if any, would have the exact same score. Some might be above average or even below but the majority of the room would fall into the “average” category.

How to Survive in a Changing World

The world is ever changing. Economies rise and fall and personal fortunes change hands in a blink of an eye. In a world where change is constant and certain, you need new tools for learning and to improve your mental performance to get ahead.

Improve Your Brain Test Results

IQ tests, and other such brain tests, are normally taken by people in order to determine their current cognitive abilities and brain power. They literally measure your level of intelligence. Brain tests like these are usually taken during various stages in school in order to map out the intelligence of the student. There are a lot of people who believe that the IQ score that you have is the one you will always have. This is not even close to being true. You can greatly improve your results in these tests by going through brain training.

Brain Therapy and Why it is Important

Our brains control every aspect of our bodies. From our breathing to how well we can recall information or write a test. Your brain controls all of this. Most human beings only use two percent of their total brain capacity. The other ninety eight percent simply gets wasted if it is not used. To improve your life, you must first improve your brain. If you are able to think quickly and clearly in all situations, it can mean the difference between getting the job of your dreams, or being stuck in a job that you absolutely hate.

“Tickle Your Amygdala” and Access Your Super Brain

The key to developing your mind’s power works hand in hand with developing certain parts of your brain. Specifically, your frontal lobes, a part of your neo cortex, the area commonly referred to as the third eye.

14 Practical Tips For Increasing Mental Concentration

The issue of lack of concentration is not limited to young children only. Many adults complain about it and look for advice on how to increase concentration. During coaching sessions, I have come across many such requests and here are some tips that I found to be most effective.

Where the Heck Has the Happiness Gone? -3

We must try to fulfill our needs for exercise, relaxation and nourishment. One thing for sure must be very clear, which is the “Interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit”! Without believing that you might as well continue as usual.

Brain Training Online

You might have the belief that not everyone can be a genius, but this is a myth. Everybody, including you, has the ability to harness the true power of your brain and become a genius. All you need to do, is train it. Since technology is constantly improving, you can now learn brain training on your personal computer. Learning brain training on a computer is very convenient because you can do it from home, and at any time you want. This form of brain training is becoming increasingly popular among those people who are wanting to increase the health of their brain in order to unlock their inner genius.

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