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Secrets of Power of Mind Over Matter

Parapsychology, however, has a different view on mind over matter. For this school of knowledge, mind over matter is moving an object (matter) using only your mind and no other forces from your physical body but just your mind. Commonly called, telekinesis or psychokinesis…

Improve Your Brain Fitness and Gain Memory and Productivity

So many of us have a goal in life to improve our mental focus and to really achieve this goal you must work with a brain fitness program designed to do what you want which could include increasing your productivity at work, improving your mental focus, boosting your memory or helping you concentrate. I learned a long time ago if you do not actively work at improving your brain fitness you will not advance in the business world. I was one of many new college grads who got a rude awakening when they ventured into the working world.

Belief Makes You Stupid – The Old Consciousness at Work

Have we ever questioned our beliefs to see if they are viable or absolutely insane? In not questioning belief, we accept the world as it is and only try to change the surface of it. The violence of our world and the destruction of it has its foundation in belief. What will you do about it?

Programmed Dreams – Practice Is Key To Success With Programmed Dreams

Practice is key to programmed dreams, when you begin programming and do this with regularity, your mind comes to know that this is what you want it to do, and you will begin receiving guidance on a regular basis. Different things will begin to happen.

Programmed Dreams – Get Answers Tonight – The Biblical Joseph And Daniel Know How And So Can You

Joseph and Daniel were both gifted with dream interpretation. This should help you understand how Daniel was able to get his programmed dream to interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream even though Nebuchadnezzar refused to tell him the dream.

The Usher of Your Inner Church Is Your Mind!

The way an usher in a church operates and ushers a person to their appropriate seats is liken to the way your thinking patterns takes thoughts and put them into action. Your usher is your sifter screen that put people and things in their appropriate places inside your inner church body as well as sift people and things not fit for you out of your inner church body! When there is discord in your inner church body, it is the duty of your mind to bring order to your thinking to rectify your inner church!

Programmed Dreams – Program Dreams To Get Answers On The Future

Programmed dreams continue to amaze me. There seems to be no limit to what they can reveal. We demonstrated this repeatedly with cause and treatment for health problems that are not yet known in modern medicine.

Programmed Dreams – Utilize Your Dreams To Tap Into God’s Will for Your Life

Enlightenment, comes in many forms and flavors. For me, and I believe for many people, Enlightenment and illumination, come as a result from reading Scripture. However many people today believe that the spiritual gifts ceased at Pentecost while others attribute for too much.

Programmed Dreams – Some Dreams Reach Beyond The Dreamer

Recently a dear friend of mine needed to program a dream to find a new job. He was 54 years old, unemployed, and finding his lifelong vocation squeezed out from this extended recession. I consulted with him of the need to possibly reinvent himself as the economy was unlikely to recover his lost lifelong endeavor.

What Your Teen Will Get Out of Gap Year Programs?

If you are one of the many young people (or their parents) who are looking at gap year programs right now, then you are doing what a lot of people are doing. This is a very viable alternative to continuing straight on to college, and one that helps young people learn more about themselves as well as figure out what they want to do with their lives.

Programmed Dreams – Where Do the Answers Come From?

A Special Research Design Received During Sleep – Who is this higher mind? Is it the same for everyone? None of my friends, relatives, or patients, in over forty years, received answers that I thought were wrong.

Programmed Dreams – A Complex Medical Problem Solved With a Dream

One patient in the mental hospital suddenly developed excruciating chest and abdominal pain. The internal medicine specialist thought it might be either a heart attack or a kidney infection, and he suggested transferring her to a medical facility. After persuading him to wait until morning, I told the lady-who was a good dreamer-to have a dream that would tell her what it was, where it was, how she got it, why she got it, and what to do about it.

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