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Happiest Place On Earth

Disneyland, known as Disney’s Magic Kingdom uses the tagline, ‘The Happiest Place on Earth.’ Although, people stand in line for more than an hour to get on rides or an event they are still happy. What makes it the happiest place on earth?

How to Make Positive Thinking Work for You

Positive thinking work better for you by eliminating the elements in your thinking which you are probably not aware of. They are the ones responsible for your failure or lack of convincing results.

Develop Your Brain for Better Behavior

A recent video music awards event made several references to the incident last year when one singer grabbed the top award from another star. She penned a song of forgiveness with lyrics that included, ” today is never too late to be brand new”. The good news is that with recent research on ‘neuroplasticity of the brain’, we know that even as adults we continue to be able to shift or adapt in response to new experiences. The distinction in adult brain development, as compared with bio-driven child development, is that external stimuli are what primarily shape our brain development. So, Old Dogs and Dinosours, here’s what you’ve got to do to take advantage of this information: exercise, keep learning and develop your Emotional Intelligence.

Top 6 Ways to Exercise Your Brain

Just as physical exercise strengthens a muscle, adequate mental and conditional training also strengthens the brain and its cell connections. The brain needs to do new things for it to be stimulated.

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind Is Great

The mind is the main controlling organ that oversees each and every activity in an individual’s day to day activity. It is very important to maintain a healthy mental state if one is to act appropriate in any given situation. Some of the things that hinder the mind from working effectively are stress, depression and addictions. Condition may vary and is gauged by the level of mental sickness, for instance acute stress condition may lead to depression, which may later lead to AD and ADHD sickness if the condition is not checked early.

Self Improvement and Motivation – The Best Self Improvement Tip

In the mundane world it is the failure that is ready to engulf you. But if you surrender to it you are sure to get baffled in the long run. Failure may come in your way but you have to be ready to combat it, face it in the way it is to be faced. Again it is not the everlasting fact that you are sure to fail all the time. The day is sure to come when the deity of ultimate success is sure to crown you.

Be Careful What You Ask For

You are a broadcast station. You are broadcasting a signal. You are broadcasting your energy and a vibration of the major energy and thoughts you are holding. Your thoughts show up in the way you hold your face, the way your shoulders are tensed or relaxed, how you walk, or project your voice when you speak.

Where Your Energy Goes – So Goes Your Life

Quantum physicists have scientifically proven that where energy or attention goes, energy flows. What you think about and focus on becomes your reality. St. Paul knew; that we become what we think about. Whatever is lovely, true, good – whatever is of good report – think on these things. If you believe only one thing, believe that; where your energy goes, so does your life.

Perpetual Student – A Key to Career Security

I recall being 27 years old and nearing the end of my graduate studies. My grandmother, who never had an unpleasant word for me and had left school after the fifth grade, said: “Stuart, what a shame. You are 27 years old and not working.

Perfect Moments – Create Them

Have you asked yourself, ‘What would a perfect moment in my life look and feel like?’ ‘What brings me happiness?’ What would perfect moments with other people look and feel like?’ ‘What would the perfect job/company look and feel like?’ This article discusses creating perfect moments in every area of your life.

Your Worst Nightmare Or Your Best Friend?

As most of us have been brought up with the usual education (some more, some less) and the trappings of society, it is natural to actually think that WE are our Minds. For anyone with the slightest suspicion that s/he is NOT her mind but is not quite convinced, please lock yourself in a room, ask not to be disturbed and get out a writing pad and pen and write down for 15 minutes whatsoever comes into your head.

How to Lucid Dream Tonight

So a while ago I decided I wanted to learn lucid dreaming (or you can call it astral projection, phase experience, out of body experience, or whatever, doesn’t matter). I read a ton of books which basically gave nonsense advice that didn’t work, or was impossible to implement. Once you stripped the books down to their essentials, they basically said: “I have no idea how to induce lucid dreams, but if you obsess over it enough, it might happen”.

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