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Proven Mind Control Techniques – How Brainwave Entrainment Can Unlock Your Hidden Potential

About 200 hundred years a go a German scientist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that the brain responds to different frequencies introduced to the mind. These engineered and sculpted sounds are felt within the superior olivary nucleus of the brain, right smack in the brain stem. Originally believed to influence the auditory responses in the brain exclusively, binaural beats has come a long way since and now is believed and proven to entrain the brain to produce specific electromagnetic impulses that follow a frequency pattern.

Mind Control Tricks For Self-Improvement With Brainwave Entrainment

You are in a bar and you spot someone you like. Legs that keep on going and with luscious hair, she is the perfect picture of seduction. You straighten your tie and slick your hair back and take a swig of a strong drink. You slip through the crowd and find yourself face to face with a stunning beauty. All your rehearsed lines now come out like a combination of Greek and Indian and you start to stutter as well. She stares at you incredulously and you start to feel a heat rise in your cheeks.

The Science of Mind Control – How Brainwave Entrainment Can Change Your Life Forever

The science of mind control has been around since the 1970’s when it was used in a series of tests to the mass audience. Vindicating the mass media theory of the Frankfurt schools of thought, the idea of the ‘hypodermic syringe’ – that audiences were deeply affected by the messages that they receive when they view any sort of degraded media was taken a step further.

Harness the Power of Mind Control For Self-Betterment

Spiralling down into a state of wake-unconsciousness is not like how you see it on T.V. Self hypnosis is something I would not recommend because the potential disasters are very real, and severe damage could happen to anyone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Now, I realise that it is extremely useful and that personal development practitioners have been touting the power of hypnotism for the past few decades.

Your Mind and How it Works

Do you have a clear idea of the way that your mind works? Do you understand how to achieve your goals and dreams? In school we learn information but no one teaches us how to break down a goal and impress it on our subconscious mind. We stumble without this critical roadmap.

Erotic Mind Control – Fact Or Fiction?

The theory of erotic mind control has been split up into two schools of thought. One is the belief that one can position the mind to believe that the individual is an erotic being – which exudes sexual charisma and confidence, the two C’s that is made to attract the opposite sex. The other school of thought is the arena of self belief – when one person becomes an erotic human being – a highly active individual, who becomes a highly sexual and active person. The issue here is not whether erotic mind control is fact or fiction, I would say that it is a fact in today’s life; it is all down to the power of the mind to believe.

Personal Development – Mind Over Muscle

The connection between mind and body have been proven scientifically over and over again. Pretty obvious really; your mind sits on top of your body for life. They’re bound to get to know each other pretty well. But why would being physically fit improve your thinking, your attitude and your tendency for success? The fact is, it has everything to do with it.

How to Unlock Your Inner Mind Genius

Do you struggle to compose your thoughts, set goals, or organize your time? You may feel as though you are inadequate or need help in just getting your life together. In fact, you probably already know the best ways to piece together the various pieces of your life, but simply lack the tools necessary to plot out your plans.

Take Your Life Back With a Brainwave Mind Control Programming

I think a much not talked about endemic that is afflicting the world is called the lack lustre existence. Most of us are in it, whether we realize it or not and sometimes it can be something as simple as not doing as much as we can, for our own success. There is a lot of inertia against drive and ambition and depression and stress is a very real thing, something so real that it has driven people to ill health and worse. This is a life that has run away from you, where you no longer have any control and you are just simply a puppet led by the strings of a bored and disconsolate subconscious. This shouldn’t be the case – you can take your life back with brainwave mind control programming.

Brainwave Entrainment – Mind Control Techniques For a Better You

Brainwave entrainment is the process of stimulation. When any aspect of our senses is used, the brain is stimulated and will emit an electrical charge as a sort of response to this stimulation. This reaction forms the basis of our visceral experience – making ‘real’ the items we see, touch or smell. Scientifically, it is called a cortical evoked response; an electrical response that can be measured through brain wave recognition technology. Massive research into this area, backed by a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry, has led to the discovery that certain brain wave maps allow for heightened intelligence, drive, internal energy and creativity.

Mind Control Stories – How Negative Words Can Ruin Your Mind Control Techniques

In this article, you’ll discover how to easily get people over to your side by simply paying more attention to the words you use. I think you’ll find mind control stories like this to be very helpful in your own situation.

Controlling Your Mind Power – Develop PMA, a Positive Mental Attitude!

A positive mental attitude is the consistent expectation of the best possible outcome in any and all situations. This is not an attitude of merely wishing or hoping.

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