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Tricking the Brain

What if you drew cartoons for a living and your hands refused to cooperate? Scott has to trick his brain to let him draw. Why doesn’t he give up?

Brain Training

The brain is the most extraordinary organ gifted to man. But it is not to be taken for granted. Simulation and exercise are its only fodder, for keeping it up and running.

Improving Mind Power – The Ultimate Mind Power Secrets

Many of us have a weak memory. Most of the time we forget what we wanted to do.

How to Increase Intelligence

Why is it important to be intelligent? Being more intelligent is a personal decision. It’s not everything, but if you’re a more intelligent person, you’ll have a bigger advantage compared to other people when it comes to both academic life and social life.

Natural Secret That Unlocks Your Mind Powers Automatically So You Can Get Anything You Want

The difference between having a leader and a follower is in the person’s attitude. A huge part of our attitude involves the way how we think and perceive the world. In fact, many leadership training programs have stressed this.

Communicating With the Subconscious in 5 Steps

The matter you need to know is how the intellect really goes and what we require to know about it. Within our heads is in reality a tremendous epitome of minds. In this twins, they hold out united, and they are also unique as well.

Commanding the Subconscious Mind to Do Your Bidding

In every sense of the word, the world is changing and humanity is getting more and more empowered in the sense that they are able to take control of their mind. Previously, we were quite helpless in the sense that most of the time, we were dictated by what our subconscious mind had, and this was since we were young.

3 Limitations to Mind Power

The power of the mind itself is limitless, as it can influence our circumstances both physical and otherwise. The limitations which this tremendous power has lies in the individuals. We determine how the mind power works and whether it will work positively for us.

Grounding and Centering Exercises

Whatever they tell you, chaos and hassle can never lead to creativity. Where there’s no creativity, there’s either stagnation or even regress. If you are trying to become a successful individual, discipline and concentration are your best tools in achieving that. We all have a center – a safe place that we can easily enter.

The Concept of Reality

In everyday life, the notion of reality (existence) is classificatory. It is a genuine concept. Which concept is it? I argue that the answer to that question has practical importance with respect to humility.

Automatic Negative Thoughts – Learn How to Destroy Them Now

It is no secret that automatic negative thoughts will cause all sorts of problems in your life. From depression to anxiety, and much more in between. If you think the wrong way, your life experiences will be negative also.

Sharpen Your Subconscious Mind Power to a Razor’s Edge – 4 Simple But Powerful Adjustments

Wouldn’t you like your subconscious mind power to bring you all the benefits you hear about in the tape sets you buy? And it’s easy to make progress, but easy to slide back at the same time, isn’t it? Here are 5 techniques – very simple and very practical – that will double the effectiveness of your mind power practices.

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