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Rapport – Is it Easy to Learn?

Is rapport easy to learn? Sure, once you break it down into individual steps. An easy way to start out learning how to gain rapport with someone is to first listen to their tone of voice, then reproduce it in your conversations with them. Here’s how you learn to do that…

Practical Mind Skills – Are Your Beliefs Making You Stupid?

Have you ever met someone who was so set in their ways that they started making really stupid mistakes? Do you suffer from ‘hardening of the categories’? Here’s some of the common symptoms and how to fix them.

How to Test IQ – 8 Intelligence Forms

The notion “intelligence” is often used to describe a person with wide general knowledge. Sometimes the term is devoted to persons with high IQ score. Even though the latter case is closer to the truth, it is still not exactly right. As discovered already in 1983 – there exist 8 forms of intelligence.

A Simple Solution to Handle Your Emotions

Here is a nice model to handle your emotions proposed by Dr Elizabeth Kubler Ross. This is based on the proposition that when a person experiences significant change there are five stages to go through to come to terms with it. Recognizing the stage of emotion that you are in currently will help you handle the change better.

How to Develop Psychic Power – Part One

The new frontier of science – the development and cultivation of sometimes called ‘psychic power’ and ability – and our potential to enter the next stage of human evolution. Though there is much misunderstanding about the existence of abilities labeled ‘psychic’, there is proven techniques that can open new channels of awareness in those disciplined enough to pursue them.

Your Brain Needs the Exercise

As a person ages, his body loses its strength, its endurance, and its capacity to repair and to replenish slowly declines. Both our brain and bodies are like machines which needs maintenance and exercise in order to keep it going.

How to Direct Your Mind Consciousness of Thought to Your Destiny

Thought is a very powerful creative energy and when combined with deeper level feelings for your desires, it becomes like dynamite. To consciously and willfully control thought is like truly handing yourself the Golden key that unlocks your hidden Mind treasure with unlimited potential.

Inducing the Unconscious Mind

We live in a world which is mostly dependent on conscious interactions between human beings. We are consciously act on things that we need to.

Think Up World Changing Ideas

Most of us have had our minds corrupted from an early age by irrationality, the reliance of authority, and a dampening of our problem solving abilities by laziness and easily digestable information. We are capable of so much more, but too many people stop at the first step, without looking at the big picture from a rational point of view.

Empowering Your Mind is Your Best Self-Help

Develop your most powerful tool (your Subconscious Mind) towards enhancing a life that may be lacking generous amounts of financial abundance, joy and fulfillment – by intentionally empowering your mind! By understanding how to empower your mind efficiently and easily, you also pre-qualify yourself for massive success in any economic climate.

Practical Mind Skills – Why Happiness is a Bad Goal

Many people chase goals on the assumption that getting it will make them happy. Most of the time it doesn’t. Try asking someone what they’re going to do after they’ve got their goal and watch them mumble.

Practical Mind Skills – Peak Awareness Secrets of the Empedocles Meditation

Discover how to break free of mind delusions. Read on and learn how to use this deceptively simple practice to dramatically increase your awareness of what’s really going on.

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