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Dissatisfied Shift Workers – How to Get Your Life Back

Are you sick and tired of getting up at 4am to go into work? Are you an unhappy and dissatisfied shift worker that is tired of missing social functions because you’re always working on weekends? Do you sometimes feel that there ‘must be’ a better way to live your life? Then don’t worry – there is a way that you can get your life back.

Debunking 10 Brain Health and Brain Training Myths on How to Stay Sharp

Have you noticed that every week some article seems to say exactly the opposite to what another article said the week before? Do supplements improve memory? Are physical and brain activity important and complementary or is either enough? Which brain training approach, if any, is worth one’s time and money?

Subliminal Messages – Postcards to Greatness

When you think about your mind, you need to question whether or not there is something about it you do know about. While this may seem like an obvious question, how many of you out there actually get out there and think about the lacking things in your mind. Well, the horror of it all is that your mind is operating at a real low level, which means you are walking around at a disability when it comes to your mental power.

Brain Waves and Learning Like a Pro

One thing about learning is that no one really likes to learn the things that they do not like. Passion and interest in a subject also, can only go so far, and besides some special and niche topics, there is no one subject that is really holistically interesting from all angles. So what you need to do is to understand the dynamics of learning and see how you can improve yourself from there.

Brain Wave Patterns and How They Work

First of all, let us look at the means in which brainwave entrainment actually delivers most of its results and this is from the binaural beats that have been used for a long time to deliver and produce the brainwaves in our mind. What these melodies and tones really are actually are called artefacts of procession, in which sounds or tones, which have been developed to a frequency beyond that of human hearing, are introduced to the brain.

How to Use Self Help Audio CDs to Improve Your Life – Remove Addictions, Lose Weight and Much More!

Self help Audio CD’s have become popular over the past few years. They help people in a number of different ways. They help people quit smoking, lose weight, raise self-esteem and many others issues that plague them.

Master Your Mind and Transform Your Entire Life With the Help of a Brain Waves CD

If you are determined to read the rest of this text, then you’re on the edge of uncovering a huge secret. Learn how to induce brainwaves and get success, not unfilled promises or unsatisfactory results.

Practical Mind Skills – How to Get Smarter and Manifest Faster in Just 10 Minutes a Day

If you want to be a Master of Manifesting you need to do three things really well. Design good goals, use peak performance mind tricks and develop razor sharp visualisation skills. Read on and I’ll share with you one of my secret tricks for building a powerful visualisation ability, and fast!

Key Pointers For Developing Your Own Intuition

Developing your intuition is a big thing that a lot of people want to know how to do. What a lot of people have forgotten is that we all have this innate ability since we were born. Everyone was born with his or her own sense of intuition. We all have developed this as well since we were tiny babies. For the positive, it developed into strengthen bouts of intuition. For the polar opposite, it had blocks put up with family or parental figures in their life where they cannot see past them now.

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – How to Renew an Aging Brain

We know that care of the brain is essential for the grand kids. What about us–the almost or over sixty somethings? New research shows that neuroplasticity is a feature of all brains, young and old. What this means is that whether you are 90 or 2, you are capable of learning new tricks.

How Can You Be That One in Every Million?

Have you ever had the sense of being immersed in flames or rose-colored clouds? And at the same time bathed in an emotion of joy, assurance, triumph and salvation? Or like a flash there has been presented to your consciousness a clear vision in outline of the meaning and drift of the universe?

How to Solve Problems in Your Sleep

Would you like to utilize a strategy that’s been used for thousands of years by most of the world’s great minds? Inventors, writers, artists, scientists and philosophers have employed this technique to solve problems and create works of art. This is a simple but almost magical method for gaining access to Universal Wisdom.

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