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Third Eye Chakra

Opening the chakras for more health, peace, and harmony in your life can be a transforming experience for you. Learn secrets of the chakras to release its healing energy and vitality!

Acquiring Consciousness Thanks To The Information You Have In Dreams

In order to have total knowledge, you must acquire total consciousness. While you are immersed in your ignorance, you have a false image of your reality. Whatever happens in your reality gives you a certain impression. However, this impression is your first philosophical interpretation of the meaning of your reality, which is based on the knowledge you have, based on the knowledge of the world in your historical time, and based on your personality and your way to interpret your reality.

Why Are We Blind To Our Own Mistakes?

Why do we fail to realize that we have done something wrong and we are at fault? Is it that we really are unable to see through our mistakes or we don’t want to accept our mistakes?

What Mentally Strong People Don’t Do – Are You Mentally Strong?

Mental Strength is a near must-have skill to survive and adapt to the onslaughts of modern life- whether at work or outside it. Whether you are leading and inspiring others, or busy perfecting your craft, mental agility and strength are the tools to getting the job done. Infact given the demands of everyday life and the threat, stress and risks at stake, it is mental strength that keeps up standing tall and sane.

Countering Overthinking: A Step Towards an Improved Life

Assessing any situation in your daily life before addressing it is essential, but too often do we find ourselves spiraling around a pool of mental anxiety and uncertainty all because of overthinking. The problem of overthinking results in eventual regrets and lost opportunities, but it can also be countered to make the most out of your life. Here are some steps which can help in dealing with overthinking, and improve the quality of life for you in the process.

How to Deal With Emotions

What are emotions? Simply emotions are the way our mind communicates with us, they’re the messages our mind sends to us to tell us something, positive or negative, and dealing probably with your emotions is all about understanding this message and respond to it in a proper way. To understand this concept in more depth, let’s explore few emotions and see the message behind each one of them and how to respond to each one.

How to Clear Your Mind In A Snap

Stress is a normal occurrence in one’s life. It is impossible to avoid it in today’s busy world. And due to stress, anxiety kicks in. More often than not, anxiety can make even the simplest things more difficult. When there’s anxiety in your system, your decision-making will be clouded. That’s why there’s a need to clear your mind and deal with stress in a healthy manner. But not a lot of people know how to deal with anxiety and stress the right way. Below are some of the ways on how to clear your mind.

Stimulating Your Natural Curiosity Using a Fool-Proof Formula

Make your life more exciting by igniting the natural sense of curiosity that lies inside you. The activities that you indulge in on a daily basis have the capacity to spark as much marvel as any story about the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Studies reveal that humans learn better when they heighten their curiosity. In an individual experiment, the test subjects who had an interest in the answer to the trivia problem had easily managed to recall other information despite the information being unrelated. A mind that is inquisitive can unlock new opportunities for you.

Most Productive Meditation Using the Very Advanced Brainwave Technology

Getting a peace of mind has long been one of the hardest ordeals for most individuals for several reasons but mainly due to the huge work pressure that everyone is subjected to. Due to the tight work schedule, very few people can actually spend a little alone time relaxing. But you can’t deny the fact that though physical fitness is important, mental exercise is also imperative

WTF or WTG? What’s Going on in Your Head?

How you view situations often determines the outcome. Do you view things in a positive or negative light? Find out how easy it is to shift your perception.

Can People Change? Is It Something Worth Waiting For?

The only thing in life that we can actually count on is change. We have the power and choice for making a change. The storms in our life happen as a result of bad choices; we reap the consequences. Yet we are not always open to change, even if that change is a good thing. We don’t like to change our bad habits.

How To Heal From Dis-Ease: Soul-Up And Break Through Mind Chatter

Do you find yourself telling yourself and others that you feel lousy today and that you’re tired of feeling lousy? If this is true and you’re really ready to feel better then, you’ll want to learn the 3-steps to feeling better and getting on with your life and your life’s purpose.

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