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Mind’s Unlimited Potential and Creativity

Our modern day living and technology are often found to be pressurizing our minds and we end up thinking like machines. Always bombarded with thoughts and jumping from one task to another. But then mind has unlimited potential for creativity and we may have forgotten this fact.

CBT – An Outline of Treatment

First Appointment Your Psychologist will offer you weekly (50 minute). Your treatment will begin with a period of assessment which will last between 1-3 sessions. Here you will be able to discuss in detail the problems that have led you to seek therapy.

To Stay In Control, You Have To Stay Out of Control

Confused? Read on! To have the freedom to choose and chart your destiny, you must have tremendous power at the palm of your hand.

Visualization – 3 Ways to Increase the Attractive Power of Visualization

Visualization is a very important of every day life. Perhaps you visualize every day and perhaps you don’t visualize your goals at all. Visualization is a great tool for harnessing the power of the law of attraction. Here are 3 ways that you can improve your visualizations and, in turn, empower the law of attraction to bring your dreams to fruition.

Subconscious Mind Power – The ‘Be-Do-Have’ Success Formula

The power of the subconscious mind remains under-utilized by many people on the path to greater success, riches and wealth. Utilizing the power of the subconscious mind will enable you “be” before you “are’ so that you “become”. In this article, we discuss the “be-do-have” paradigm of success so that you can begin to incorporate it into your everyday life.

Optimism and Pessimism

It is established beyond reasonable doubt that optimism and pessimism is a psychological aspect in which both express their positive and negative bias. The expectation and perception of bias may be confusing in a single personality. It may be a case of bipolar or split personality, though it lacks conclusive evidence.

What Is the True Meaning of Wisdom?

All knowledge and wisdom is structured in consciousness, said the Vedas. What is wisdom? What is the true meaning of wisdom? And how is it related to consciousness? Let us take a look into these questions.

Learn To Manifest Your Desires Quickly

Learn how to manifest your desires today and start living the life that you desire. Many people today are living their hearts desires. Their life is full and complete.

9 Ways to Debug Your Mind

Just like your computer your mind gets cluttered up with unnecessary or outdated code which makes it run slower or even ruins a few pieces of software and eventually causes your computer to shut down. So it is with the mind, only there is no debugging manual for the mind.

Why Paying Attention Is The Only Thing

Latest scientific research on Attention and comprehension. Learn a simple five-minute exercise to avoid daydreaming and mind wandering. It adds up to 50% to your attention.

10 Simple Questions to Test Your Willingness to Succeed

The road to successful living comes with many choices and the willingness to participate in your life. Being a bystander in your life, does not allow you to share your light and energy with others. Those who choose to be a victim in their lives get left behind, while others who actively participate enjoy the journey to success and happiness because they are in control of where they want to go.

What You Think About – You Become

You are a constant stream of thought. What are you drawing to you by your thoughts? You need to be mindful of creating new thoughts, better thoughts and truer thoughts to ensure progression and new creation in your life.

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