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The Power of Beliefs and Their Impact

Although beliefs are vital to our being, few people think deeply about the power of beliefs. Can you recall when you last questioned yourself about what your beliefs are and how you see yourself as a person?

Unlocking Your Super Brain Powers

Most of us think that we know all there is to know about the brain. Well think again, because we don’t know anything about what our brain can do. If you are ready to change your life, don’t change your dressing, nor your hairstyle, but change the way you think, i.e your mindset, and all changes will follow.

Out of Body Experience

When people talk of OOBE or Out of Body Experience, they will in most probability be talking about instances of Near Death Experience or NDE in short. NDE is a kind of an experience, where people feel that they have left the body after death and have come back again or revived to life. In all instances that I have read, people usually state to have travelled through a tunnel of light filled with love. During such journeys, people have claimed to have seen angels and the souls of dead people.

Manifesting Mind Power

How do we manifest the mind’s full power? Interesting question. First, how much power does the mind have? Well, consider medical studies where one group of subjects are given real medicine while another group are given placebos. Ever read those studies?

Online Mind Games – Conquer the Alps

The brain training games play the most important role in the field of memory. Memory is a very important function of our brain and one of the most important attributes of our personality which helps us in our cognitive behavior.

Quiet in There!

Right now your house is a mess of clutter that you do not need. You have hundreds of sofas, chairs, tables, pictures, ornaments, rugs and every room in your house is full of it. Not to mention debris of all kinds. You have really no room in here to walk or sit and you barely have room to change your mind, ha ha!

Finding Peace of Mind – The Art of Composing Your Thoughts

Do worries about the next day interrupt your sleep? Do thoughts about having to accomplish so much in such a short time unnerve you? At one point or another, all people get to experience the same emotions, but you can do something about them. You can compose your thoughts. A composed mind generates positive thoughts, and if you know how to reduce your worries, you can even make your life much more worthwhile than it is today.

Power of Subconscious Mind – Should You Harness Your Subconscious Mind to Skyrocket Your Profits?

Undoubtedly, not everybody believes in the power of subconscious mind. You are also not likely to believe in its power if you are a skeptical person. However, I am sure you must have read about others who not only believe in the power of their subconscious mind, they tap on such power to their advantage so as to achieve greater success in life, regardless of whether it is to skyrocket their business profits or to build better relationships with their loved ones.

Fun Brain Games – Mind Over Matter

Fun brain games provide a great way to enhance our logic & reasoning skills. Thinking and reasoning skills are important for solving problems quickly and efficiently.

Brain Fitness – See What You Believe

The brain is the supreme center which relays all the information through our sense organs. In fact it is this powerful machine which helps us to feel the various sensations of touch feel etc.

Develop a Powerful Mind

There is a false belief that there is a power or powers outside of yourself that are separate from you and that are greater than the power within you. People believe that there is chance or fate or luck or some uncontrollable power that confounds every advance that they are trying to make.

Brain Teasers – Take Up the Challenge

Brain teasers and brain games are modern tools which exercise our brains and help it to expand its limits. The brain teasers provide an entertaining way to exercise the muscles of our brains.

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