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The Resurgence of Magic

The power of the human mind is unlimited. We use it as an iceberg. 99% of our abilities, talents, and power. The power is hidden under water, and only a meager 1% is used in everyday life, maybe less.

How to Increase Memory Power and Improve the Details

Everyone has problems with their memory from time to time. We forget important dates, important things to do, and chores around the house. Many people wonder how to increase memory power so they don’t forget what they are doing. There are ways to do this.

How to Improve Brain Power and Its Effects

Everyone wishes they were smarter or more intuitive. Many think they need to take expensive medication or strange substances to become smarter. But this is not the case. You can learn how to improve brain power just by simply using common sense.

Reading Comprehension Strategies – 3 Strategies to Enhance Your Reading and Learning Comprehension

Reading comprehension strategies help a lot in developing your vocabulary and powers of analysis. This article shows you some ways you might want to try out for yourself.

A Guide in Establishing an Effective Mental Training

Being able to establish the extent of your brain’s capacity to function properly and extensively is basically on how you train your brain to take care of things. Mental training allows you to go through different processes that would involve brain exercises that would be very beneficial in enhancing your mental abilities. Mental training will not be involving pain in the process, it’s more of using the specific tools as well as techniques to keep your brain up and running at all times.

3 Simple Ways to Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Every day you make decisions, think about things, and calculate things – it is your conscious mind that you use day to day, rationally reasoning with yourself and others. It is your subconscious mind that stores your past experiences and memories however, and subliminally influences the decisions you make through your emotions and feelings.

Right Brain Exercises That Improve the Health of Your Brain

Right brain exercises originated from Japan. In the American school of teaching, greater emphasis is on the left brain exercise. However, it is the Right brain exercises that can do wonders and enhance your creativity skills and also your thought process.

Brain Fitness Neurobics – Exercise to Keep Your Brain Challenged, Healthy and Young

Brain Fitness may be the key to your brain age and even a driving force in your energy. Learn how brain exercise or neurobics is aerobics for the brain and learn how to challenge your brain, keep it guessing, growing and your neurons happy…

Expressed Imagination

This is exhibition of the inner man. The only one thing that man has come to show on earth. These are definitive, descriptive and expansive meanings that uncover wholly the concept. This is sanity required in justifying the position taken in life’s walk.

Organize Your Mind

Organize your mind and it become a powerful tool. With your mind organized, you will be able to access information more easily, learn more complex things, and create ideas.

What is Brain Wave Therapy?

Have you heard of brain wave therapy? Wondering what it all means? Well, some of it may seem a little complex and it may even sound like some odd new-age spiritual mumbo-jumbo, but there is real science behind it all. Let’s see if we can take a gander at trying to break it down.

Manifesting Through Good Nutrition

Have you ever considered the importance of nutrition in the proper application of the law of attraction? If we are living in an attraction-based universe and everything is energy, then even our food and drink have their own unique vibrational signature which can either interfere with or work in harmony with our own. The law of attraction is all about our brain waves and the power of our thoughts. The idea is that our thoughts radiate a certain frequency which attracts and delivers more of that particular frequency to us.

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