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The Beneficial Effects Alpha Brain Waves Have on the Mind and Body

Who else wants to learn about beneficial effects alpha brain waves have on the mind and body. One aspect that most people certainly appreciate is that the alpha brain wave activity can effectively increase the level of content and provide for positive and optimistic thinking.

Ho’oponopono and the Intellect

In Ho’oponopono we learn that the intellect was not created to know, it was created to choose. That is the only function of the intellect. We are to let go or not to let go, to be right or not to be right, to have the last word or not. We have a choice, to do it the intellect’s way or God’s way.

Experience Without Thought

All this time, my mind was not thinking in the usual sense. It was not preoccupied with thoughts of the past or the future. I was not planning, remembering, or ruminating. I was – purely and simply – in the moment, enjoying the experience without any interfering thoughts whatsoever.

When Fear Knocks on the Door of Your Mind, Will You Answer the Door?

Fear knocks on the door of your mind, seeking entrance to set up a home-based establishment for the duration of your life’s experience. It has no intention of leaving, even if you kick it out momentarily. It will check back often to see if another opportunity has presented itself to open that door again to your mind.

Moving Into the 4th Dimension is an Easy Process

Making the transition to the Fourth Dimension is not hard. The changes that have started the shift of 2012 are bringing us opportunities for positive change. Two waves of light are passing among us. These photon clouds will assist us in our transition but we still benefit from knowing what we are to do.

Mind Control Will Free You – There is No Reason Ever to Suffer Again

We often argue with what is. When we stop resisting the present moment, tremendous healing takes place. There is no reason to be ill or disabled. Source has given us body systems and cells that know how to heal themselves.

Yoga and Meditation – Pay Attention

By observing ourselves, we come to understand the way our minds work and the way we think. Imitation, judgment, comparison, and conformity, only serve to distance and divide us from every one else. This can only create conflict, and unhappiness in our lives.

Alpha Brain Waves – What Have Researchers Discovered About Alpha Brain Waves?

The good news is that the alpha brain wave activity can be stimulated in a number of ways. As mentioned earlier it occurs primarily during times of complete relaxation. Those who cannot devote time to mediation can use a much simpler method – brainwave entrainment using binaural beats.

How to Overcome Fear – 4 Easy Steps to Overcoming Your Fears

The following tips on how to overcome your fear are easy to follow. They teach you how to bust through your fears and accomplish what you want in life.

Simplicity, Character and Personality

The simplicity of character is effectively displayed in individuals and society alike. It is also an expression of thoughts, feelings and showering of abundant love towards humans. Simplicity derives its strength from conscious understanding of human values and executing it earnestly. The growth of character is an important factor which revolves around within the self.It gets its nourishment from the dearest person named,” Mother”.

How to Improve Your IQ

Your Intelligence Quotient is your IQ, but your IQ does not determine your intelligence. The IQ is just a way to measure a person’s problem solving abilities and is biased in favor of people who are visual or auditory learners. Individuals who are interpersonal, intrapersonal, kinesthetic or olfactory learners do not do as well on IQ measurements. There are things you can do to improve your IQ score.

That Which Does Not Kill Me

We’ve all heard it, maybe a thousand times…”That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Within this true to life story, find lessons to apply to your life and personal mindset which will make you stronger.

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