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Mind Power Tips – Easy Mind Control Technique For Changing Habits Now

Have you ever wanted more control over your habits? Have you ever wished you could stop yourself from smoking, eating donuts or compulsively guzzling potato chips? Have you ever woken up and found yourself covered in ice cream on your kitchen floor at night? Well read on and I’ll share with you a simple drill for rewiring your brain today!

Self Help Inc – Get Back Your Healthy Fury and Sadness

Unhappy? Lonely? Looking for love? Fat? Broke? The 20,000 plus self help titles from the shelves of the bookstores didn’t changed much since people are still suicidal, unfulfilled and overweight. Maybe self help literature is not food for mind but drugs for the mind, meant to make your mind drunk with inspiring yet unrealistic ideas. Self help exposed!

The Breadth of Mind

It requires wisdom to open your heart and broaden your mind. The wiser a person is, the broader his mind.

Not the Brain Olympics – Just 15 Simple and Useful Brain Exercises For You

You can have false teeth, you can wear hearing aids, or you can even don an expensive wig, but there’s one thing you must have that’s original in order to function properly, and that is your own brain. For the sake of keeping your brain young and intact as much as possible, here are just a few things you may want to try. They are quite simple, yet challenging for your brain, especially #15.

Brain Wave Entrainment Products – Neuroprogrammer 2 Software Wins Hands Down

Learn how Neuroprogrammer 2 brainwave entrainment software can change your life. This article reviews how this brainwave entrainment software can help you overcome a variety of disorders from insomnia, anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, high blood pressure and headaches.

Instant Astral Projection Using Binaural Beats

Learn how easy astral projection is possible by using this unique tool: binaural beats. Learn what they are, how they work and how they can induce instant astral projection.

Easy Astral Projection

Astral projection can be made easy by using the simple tool of binaural beats. Learn what they are and how they ease the process of inducing conscious out of body experiences.

Brain Games Online

For years Neuroscientists have understood the importance of exercising the brain like you would a skeletal muscle to keep it conditioned. With the release of hugely marketed products like the Nintendo DS Brain Games more of the general public are now aware of the need to exercise the brain.

Get a Photographic Memory to Unleash Your Potential

Get a photographic memory and unleash the potential in your life – have you ever wondered what it is that makes some people so confident and intelligent and successful? I always thought it was because they were born with an intellect superior to my own and that I would just have to make do with my own limitations.

New Thought, Ancient Wisdom

h our clothes and dialects change, our core motivations have changed little over the millennia. Much the same can be said for all the techniques we use to get results in the real world.

Improve Mind Power Without Stepping Out of Your Home

When talking about the mind, there has been quite a bit of dialogue on how to improve the power of the mind and how to make individual humans a much more tenuous and powerful device. The thing is, the power of the mind is quite an understated fact when it comes to the overall human biology, and when looking at the chemistry of the human body, it seems that we are not equipped to use the full power of the mind.

Why the Methods of Hypnosis Do Not Work

First, we need to understand where hypnosis came from; it came from the fundamental belief that the pre conscious mind is more attune and more communicable when the conscious mind and the processes of critical thought – the defences of the mind, are laid to a coma like state. But of course there has never been a measuring tool for this success, and all they have to assess the strength of this technology is the inner voice that is communicated to them, anecdotal experiences and of course the hype and almost block buster attachment that has been given to the whole industry of Hollywood hypnosis. Those are the sources of information which one can find out about the effectiveness of hypnosis.

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