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Mind Control Myths And Secrets!

If I say the words “mind control”, what pops into your head? Science fiction rayguns, maybe, or a sinister-looking hypnotist murmuring “You are in my power”? Well, let’s kick those myths and stereotypes straight out! No device has yet been invented allowing you to control other people’s minds and make them do anything you want.

How Intelligence Increasing Works and the Unity Technique For Genius Ideas

Intelligence increase is one of the most sought-after human goals. Just think what you can do with a higher IQ: get better grades, go to a better university, get a better job, get a promotion quicker, make better friends etc. The list goes on. Obviously, I’m stereotyping quite a bit here, because IQ doesn’t necessarily give you any of these things, but it clearly helps to be smart.

Increase Your IQ and Intelligence With a Simple and Proven IQ Increase Technique

Would you like to increase your IQ and intelligence? This article teaches you how to increase your IQ and achieve the genius of your dreams. People say intelligence is genetic but this is a lie. The true genius rests within you, and you can think, feel and become anyone you want.

Mindfulness Is A Key To Attitude Development

Mindfulness is is that we are awake to the experiences inside our selves – body, mind, heart and spirit – while being aware of what is going on around us. That includes our relationships with people, the natural world, our surroundings and the events that happen to us. We then respond to occurrences while remaining true to ourselves.

Child Mind, Subconscious Mind

Many people will tell you that your subconscious mind is like a computer – you can program it by repeating certain words and it will do exactly what you want it to do. That is great as far as it goes, but the analogy is not quite correct. The subconscious mind is more like a very precocious 7 year old child, and treating it as such will get you farther, faster than the old computer method.

Use Mind Power – How To Develop The Power Of Faith

Faith is one of the key ingredients of success. Faith lets you start on a project where the outcomes are uncertain, faith sustains you until you see the results of your labour. You may think that faith is something you just have, but it’s not. Faith is something you can acquire, find out how.

Mind Control!

We are Esaus who have traded in our birthright (can we remember that we are heirs of the Kingdom?) for the pottage of instant gratification and constant, dinning entertainment which has dulled our sense and senses.

Develop A Winning Mindset By Re-Inventing Your Mind

We usually become the way we think: Proverbs 23:7a – “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” If we focus on the negative aspect of life, we would become a negative person. However, if our focus is on winning, we will eventually become winners. We always invite into our life, what we focus on. To become transformed, we have to keep renewing the way we think. We have to keep confessing that we are winners. This is a continuous process.

Keep Your Mind Sharp For a Lifetime!

Do you want to keep your brain healthy so that you are still mentally sharp as you grow older? Learn how you can maintain brain fitness in this article.

Your Influence Counts

By choosing to ignore certain aspects of your life, you are delegating your experience to others that have a greater interest in the outcome. Their interest may not be your interest.

The Total Demystifying Truth of the Subconscious Mind

Can we control our subconscious mind consciously? The answer is…

Developing Your Extraordinary Mindset Opportunities

This article is to start you toward reframing your thinking skills, attitude, and self-image in order for you, as a leader, to solve some of the challenges that come your way. Go beyond feeling stuck and not knowing what to do next. You need to think of creative ways to overcome the obstacles that get in your way and look for the opportunities that surrounds you. No matter what hurdles you face on your path, you can overcome them as you take master your strategic thinking view. These are what I consider as the basics for beginning an integrated framework for achieving extraordinary performance in leadership. Combining your solutions to challenging issues with risk taking, your decisive actions, simplifications of complex issues you face, and working with other leaders and employees, as well as having a positive vision for the future. All of these mindsets enhance the extraordinary leaders’ skills as they move their organizations forward in creativity, productivity, opportunity, and innovation.

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