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Alzheimer’s And The Future Of Health Care

Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the most serious challenges the world population faces as the life expectancy increases. It is a challenge for several reasons: it reduces the capacity of the people to live a normal or active life; it is very costly and can easily “eat” the savings of a lifetime; but most importantly, Alzheimer’s Disease isn’t yet perceived as a major threat by most of the population, which makes it an even higher risk.

Why ARE You Here?

The question, ‘Why am I here?’ causes a truly deep and penetrating exploration. It can be a tough question to answer. We think the answer comes from outside ourselves and mistakenly seek it in the eyes of others.

Catch Your Words And Thoughts For Cosmic Ordering Success

As far as what I learned in the beginning, many people would think that catching their own thoughts is important. And after practicing for some time, I discovered that watching my own words is actually more important than catching my own thoughts.

The Socratic Life: Evolving Ideas and Principles

The wise life is led in contention and argument. Those who know refine their ideas through dissent.

Top Three Benefits From Improving Your Mind Powers

Are you wondering what to expect from increasing the power of your mind? Find out more about the benefits of increasing your mind powers here…

Beliefs and Your Map of Reality

Our beliefs about reality have a huge impact on how we think, feel, and behave on a daily basis. In this article, I describe the various factors that can influence our beliefs, and how we can adjust this “map of reality” so that we can live in better accord with our values and goals. Beliefs have a huge impact on our lives – there’s no doubt about it.

The Ungrateful

Man experiences many variant situations in his life time that affect his personality in a pronounced manner. These circumstances are reflecting and affecting around the clock in many ways both literally and structurally. These conditions require serious thinking and evaluation. The righteous path and ethics of an individual determine the extent of satisfaction he feels within and outside the body. However, the majority of people defy fundamental and structural obligation of human beings, in return to favours bestowed upon them. These are the people, who are classified as ungrateful.

Roadmap to Genius Review

Are you wondering whether the Roadmap to Genius guide is a scam? I have to admit that I laughed when I first found about this guide being able to boost a person’s mind power and help turn a person into a genius with a couple of audios. Do not buy Roadmap to Genius until you read this shocking review article…

Laughter Boosts Brain Power

Possibly the most important attribute of people who lived long, healthy, lives and still had sharp, vibrant minds and brainpower well into their nineties was their ability to laugh, especially to laugh at themselves. Researchers have found that humor stimulates at least three areas of the brain.

About Mind Power – A New Look Into The Universe Of Your Mind

You will learn all about mind power when you take a journey into the universe of your mind. Your brain is an incredibly powerful thing. It actually creates the circumstances that happen in your life. What you believe and visualize is eventually what you’re going to attract. This is why you really need to know all there is to know about mind power.

About Mind Power: Increase the Power of the Mind

If you are looking to learn about mind power there are many ways to do it. Some ways take a very long time, however are very effective. Other ways do not work at all. The most effective procedures about mind power are both fast and work well. This is what we all want.

What Is Mind Power? An Article About Mind Power

That is a very loaded question. The very basic answer that will benefit you greatly in knowing is that the deeper levels of consciousness that are responsible for the more automatic aspects of thinking are very powerful in influencing our lives. This means that we do not usually consciously even notice what happens when our deeper levels of our brains are at work. This is important because we can actually access, increase, program, improve and change our subconscious brain so it will automatically give us the answer to the question “what is mind power”. This benefits all of us greatly. I know from experience that once you start to purposefully increase your subconscious abilities you will automatically discover what is mind power; you will become happier, things will become more clear, problems become easier so they do not cause such trouble, solutions become clearer, tasks get done quicker and everything in life just seems to get better.

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