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Powerful Tips For Building Great Mind Power

Our mind is such a precious and powerful gift God has given unto us which can be used to create a new life for ourselves and achieve everything we want out of life. Without mincing words, what the mind power is capable of doing is virtually unlimited. It only depends on our ability to discover and unlock the potential of this power of the mind.

Instruction in Lucid Dreaming – Basics You Need to Know

Instruction in lucid dreaming is easy to understand even though its actual concept may still be a puzzle for many. Fear of the unknown has always held people back from realizing their own capabilities and improving their lives.

Calming Your Mind With “Convergence”

Much meditation music seems to be too focused on the music itself. A wonderful exception it the “Convergence” CD out of the Metamusic series from Monroe Products. This is truly music that allows you to detach and focus your mind.

Eliminate Mental Clutter

Eliminating clutter is an excellent goal in the internal and external sense. Try to imagine the mind as one more space requiring organization for proper function. It takes less time to make a delicious coq au vin in a kitchen where every ingredient and appliance is in its perfect place.

How to Increase Your Concentration and Improve Mental Alertness Naturally

The ability to increase concentration and mental alertness really depends on how your brain functions. The brain requires lots of oxygen, its main source of fuel, to function at its peak; it uses approximately 20 percent of the oxygen in the body. Improving the health of the brain reduces the chances of developing conditions such as dementia and also increases the memory and sharpens the ability to concentrate.

Using a Mindset of Appreciation For Creating the Change We Want in Our Lives

The benefits of positive emotions are finally beginning to be understood by all of us. It goes way beyond the simple fact of feeling good and helps us to change our point of attraction and so helps us to manifest our desires.

Mind Development – Mental Exercises

Mental development is one of the most important aspects of our life which needs to be considered. Our brain controls most of our activities. Here are some simple mental gymnastics to improve our mind or mental development.

Learn Out of Body Travel – Instruction in Out of Body Travel

Learn out of body travel in the comfort of your home and at your own pace. To be able to leave one’s body as your consciousness travels and functions on its own without the aid of your physical senses is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

How Your Present Can Affect Your Future and Change Your Life

How can your actions and behavior in the present affect your future? Why is every man 100% responsible for his or her own condition?

How to See Auras – Learn the Basics of Aura Viewing

How to see auras is not as difficult as you think it may be. It doesn’t have to be an innate capability nor a long and strenuous practice to arrive at seeing people’s energy field.

Let’s Talk About Synchronicity! My Teenage Son Experiences Power of Mind

Carl Jung wrote about “synchronicity”; meaningful coincidences like the coinciding of a thought or feeling with an outside event (telepathy, premonition, clairvoyance). And Jung believed synchronicities occur when there is a strong need in the psyche of the individual… Have you experienced synchronicity?

Can Subliminal Messaging Help Me?

You may be wondering what the point is to filling your mind with subliminal messages and whether or not these messages make any real differences to our lives. Actually, our minds are being bombarded with subliminal messages every day. Why be restricted to the negative influences around us when you could be feeding your mind positive messages?

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