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The Roots and Uses of Reflective Listening

Reflective listening originated in the working fields of psychotherapy and counseling, and is especially useful in what is now termed “client-centered” therapy. This skill is useful not only in therapeutic settings, but can also help people in everyday work and home situations.

Some Listening Activity Facts

It is a good idea to practice a listening activity so that you will always be able to recall information that a speaker is providing. It’s also important to listen to friends and family when they speak, so you can be aware of their concerns.

Unleashing the Power of the Mind to Get What You Want is Not What You Really Want

Many married men that are thinking of unleashing the power of the mind to get what they want do not know what they really want. I am sorry to sound rude but that is just the plain truth. Basically the mind controls everything you do and achieve. In other words if you start by unleashing the power of the mind you will be able to get anything you want. But getting what you want is not just enough. Getting what you really want is the main thing.

Learn to Develop Empathic Listening

Empathic listening is also called reflective listening or active listening. This is a way of listening and then responding, in a way that will improve trust and understanding. It is an essential skill for people in disputes, and also in listening to people we are trying to understand. This type of listening allows you to receive and interpret correctly the message the speaker is trying to impart, and then give him a response that is appropriate.

Becoming an Introspective Deep Thinker is No Excuse For Missing the Life Experience

Many folks with super high IQ have a tough time dealing in society because they are so much smarter than everyone else, and they don’t have the same interests. In fact, they get bored talking about silly and irrelevant things. Some people assume that they are socially inept, but that may not necessarily be if they are around people of their own IQ levels. How would I know all this? Well, you see I run a think tank and a meet quite a few of these people.

Drive Ourselves to Distraction

If life was a mountain climbing expedition with the goal of reaching the top, how would we prepare for it, would we even realize that we needed to prepare? What would we carry with us, how would we mentally prepare, do we need to exercise any muscles for the climb, do we need to breathe better, do we need to dump some superfluous items from our backpack, do we need to look ahead as we climb or do we look back, what about obstacles, how do handle then when we come across them, do we have the proper tools for this event?

Simple Practical Steps to Develop a Mindset That Attracts Money

Acquiring money actually begins in the mind. There is a gigantic force on earth that is not visible to us but exerts a greater momentum, that force is the force of the mind. The mind has an attractive potential and when properly utilized, success becomes the order of the day.

Why Resiliency Decides Your Health & Longevity

If you read and choose to implement one new idea that improves your life, you are accumulating Resilience and Cognitive Reserve. So what? You will be one in one-thousand and discover better health and long-life. Start now.

Someone Must Be Messing Around With All These Online IQ Tests

Lately, we’ve seen all kinds of IQ tests online, and many of them come in the form of a “click ad” within someone else’s or some company’s website. First, I’d like to say that many of these (but not all) are problematic, because once you finish the IQ test, it asks for your cell phone number to call you with your score.

Problem Solving Made Easy With Mind Mapping Software

Mind mapping software helps to unleash the creativity hiding inside your brain. By containing all aspects of the aforementioned problem, mind maps allow you to visualize new solutions as well as how outside circumstances are involved in the problem and the solution. With this technology, you are afforded the opportunity to open your mind and let the creativity flow, as the colors and information of mind maps stimulate the brain into more ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking.

The Chills and the Power of ” I Am “

I am light and peace and joy. What does this have to do with the Chills?

The Elements of Subconscious Persuasion

First of all, we need to address the issue of what exactly subconscious persuasion is. I think the one thing that most of the world realizes that having the power of persuasion is really something that is a boon to have, and it is tantamount to something like mind control in a sense. The mechanics of subconscious persuasion is really based on the very fact that you are using both your own internal ability to persuade, and the ability to read other people, and this is the combination of things that make the whole process work and work really well.

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