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Lucid Dreams – Dreams That Fly

Lucid Dreaming is becoming awake in the dream and taking control. Methods and techniques to develop Lucid Dreaming.

The Universal Law and the Noisy Mind

For the Universal Law to work, we imagine, we visualize, we meditate and we affirm. We should keep our goal in front of us as much as possible during the day. All this we should know by now. We’ve been through it lots of times.

Increase Intelligence

Increase intelligence used to mean pour words, knowledge, books, research, and more words into your head, until reaching a tipping point where you leaped a level in terms of insight, inspiration, or creativity. That spark might come in a dream, or a reverie, as it did for Thomas Edison, who used to court the alpha-theta dreamy state for ideas. Now though, increasing intelligence means something a little different.

Improve Intelligence

Every parent, every boss, every teacher, possibly everyone wants to improve intelligence, because we operate from this paradigm that improved intelligence somehow makes us quicker, faster, richer, smarter, you fill in the blank. If I somehow have more of ‘it’, then I will achieve more and achieve ‘it’ more easily.

Binaural Beat Meditation – Release Your Brain’s Full Potential

It has been discovered that binaural beat meditation can induce many different and desirable states of mind, including creativity, relaxation, resourcefulness and many more. You can now use binaural beat mediation to get into the correct mental state, just by listening to specially prepared sound tracks.

Mental Exercises

Could mental exercises be what you do in counseling? Or could it be what you do in the exercise gym? What you do when you learn something new? What about memory training, is that mental exercise?

Upgrade Your Brain?

Good news for those of us who want a brain improvement. There are upgrades created in the form of new neurons everyday, if you take care of the pillars of brain fitness. That newly discovered capacity of the human brain is called neurogenesis

Remote Influence – A Path Breaking Discovery

Do you know what remote influence is? Since many years doctors and the psychologists have been using hypnosis as a tool to help people achieve some goals like losing weight, quitting some bad habits like smoking or consuming alcohol and also overcoming fears and so on. The mind is their valuable tool which can be used to achieve almost anything in this world. The mind when reaches a state of peace and relaxation is completely ready to take up new challenges and to make them a reality.

Mind Over Matter

We have often heard that term but what exactly does it mean. This term is widely used when someone has accomplished a task that may or may not be difficult.

Get Focused by Increasing Your Psychic RAM

Have you been in the situation where you notice that your computer is a lot slower than it used to be? It takes longer to boot up, takes longer to carry out simple tasks, and takes longer to switch between programs. Something in the background seems to be chewing up all the computer’s capacity to process the information you’re feeding it.

The Place of Intelligence

The place of intelligence is such a reserved one that cannot be substituted for anything, by any means. This is because it would just not work that way; the reason being that the place of intelligence is a clear case of a round peg that must always fit into a round hole!

How to Use Lucid Dreaming Binaural Beats

The way that you use lucid dreaming binaural beats will dramatically affect your experience and your success rate. Even though binaural beats make it way easier to lucid dream, it still takes a small amount of effort to ensure you get the best experience.

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