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A Few Riddles Per Day Keeps the Dumb Away

Remember riddles? You probably had a book full of them as a child, or your teacher would share one with the class every so often. Well, doing them as adults can be very beneficial to your brain.

Do Dinosaurs Or Reptiles Know How to Love?

Imagine you are a reptile for a moment, could you love? Well, you have a reptile alive inside you now, so it is important to understand if it can and what it means for your life if it cannot.

The Power of the Mind – Unlocking the Secrets

What if someone told you that the only thing stopping from achieving your dreams was you? The incredible mind power that each one has inside of us is literally unstoppable if harnessed correctly and in the right way.

Do You Need a Brain Training Game?

Well, let’s see. Are you over the age of thirty? Do you need a list to remember things? Do you have ever have difficulty concentrating on a challenging task? Do you feel your memory could be better? Would you like to be smarter?

Male Pattern Thinking – Crank Up Your Subconscious Appeal

The first thing that you have to do as a man is you have to stop thinking like one. It is a stretch for most, but what this really entails is that you need to be able to keep yourself under control. Desperation is not something that is attractive to most females, and women can and will know when a man is trying for them in the first place. The next thing that you need to understand is that how you look is really a dynamic and volatile factor to you being seen as someone who is attractive and approachable. You need to know how to dress for one thing.

Diving Into the Deep – Uncharted Mental Oceans

Just how deep can you go with abyssal mind stimulus is a query umpteenth have asked themselves as they pondered over the many new products that promise to reprogramme the unconscious mind. The term unconscious denotes that within your brain, there is an awareness, a preconception of a thinking and living psyche that resides abyssal within the cortex. It is not something that is tangible, something that can be placed under a microscope, but it lives and runs as omnipresence if you like, that has outstanding command over the rest of the psyche.

Mindset, Meditation, Brain Entrainment = Happiness, Wealth and Health

This article describes my journey of discovery, finding meditation and various methods to enhance my life. As a result I have become much happier, healthier and wealthier. Find here the fundamentals to success and well being.

Mindfulness Exercises

Habits rule the life of people. The quality of life may be determined by the habit one has chosen to develop. When one has realized the amount of time that is spent in subconscious reaction rather than in genuine action, one may wish to consider mindfulness practice.

Your Mind is Like a Vintage Wine – Discover Why You Need to Develop Your Mind For True Success

Your mind is like a vintage wine, you need to develop it, nurture it, as when the grapes are freshly crushed in the vat and laid to rest for years to come so they can mature and ripen in order to give you the taste that will last on your pallet and put a smile on your face.

The Ultimate Reality Synopsis – One Mindset Makes the World Go Round

So many mindsets to choose from but how do you know what’s the correct mental state of mind to have to progress successfully? And, what if there’s only one mindset to choose? What if there is no choice? Millionaire Mindset vs. Poverty Mindset? Business Professional Mindset vs. Go Getter Mindset, which one are you?

Testing – The Third Stage of Seven to Believe in an Idea

The test, the test, upon the test, does rest, the turning point, of your quest! Let’s be honest, no really likes to take a test. But the test is crucial, for it tells us whether or not we have met the standard of success. In the first stage, we examined the initial belief in an idea, or the conception of the idea. In the second stage, we saw how we must take action to instill life into the idea that it may be transferred from the immaterial world of thought, and begin to live in the material world of reality. When an idea is first given birth into the material world, it is at that very point in time that the idea will come under the test that the material world must bring to it.

Use Your Mind Power to Get What You Want

Do you wish to develop the power of your mind? Anyone can do so but most people don’t stop to consider the limitless possibilities that lie in store for those who dare to do more than just dream…

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