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Self-Improvement – Develop a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset can be developed through out life. This is especially welcome news to people fifty and beyond because so many of their habits have become ingrained and routine. Since I am in this group I know that our beliefs and habits will limit us unless we live by a growth mindset.

Brain Training Games Shield You From Getting Disoriented and Less Sharp

There is a lot of research published on what seems to be the newest trend: brain training. And if there is a trend, you can be sure the trade is all over it as well. Now that’s nothing new, but before you jump into the sea of brain training, you might want to do some water-testing. After all, brain training does require a little of your time and I am sure you want your time well spent.

Techniques – Mind Powers

Stored within the human body is a powerful tool called the mind. The human mind has a great strength to create or resolve a problem. Using proper mind techniques will help you achieve success faster in whatever situations you are in; may it be on a personal or professional level. Here are some mental techniques that will tell you how to better understand mind powers.

Benefits of Mind Power

The human brain is capable of almost everything. It controls actions, emotions, fears, habits, decision and our day to day lives. The capacity of the mind is so strong that decisions done can affect both the decision maker and the problem or situations given at hand. Everyone has the ability to change his/her own life by using mind power. It is believed that the mind controls the body meaning that little portion in your head actually controls the bigger part of the body.

The Powers of the Mind

Your mind is a very powerful tool. The powers of the mind can create and destroy anything. Let’s start with proper breathing. The more air you breathe, the better your oxygen circulation will be. Oxygen is needed by both mind and body to function well.

The Power of Subconscious Mind

Consciousness is the awareness when we do a particular act such as thinking, feeling or simply doing chores or an errand. A person’s reaction while being awake or up is a sign of consciousness. This reaction is known as the conscious mind.

Mind Machines – A Great Tool For Spiritual and Mental Self Development

Mind machines are often known as light and sound machines and are brilliant tools for mental development. I first came across them about 10 years ago and I did on occasion use them as part of therapy sessions with my hypnosis patents. They can be a very powerful tool for individuals to use to improve their spiritual and mental development.

Mental Cleansing – Finding Peace and Solitude Every Day

With so many things to juggle mentally and physically, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I recently began what I’m calling a ‘mental cleanse’ to help maintain some sacred silent moments throughout my days. It’s made a huge difference for me and I believe it will for you as well!

Brain Training – Does It Work?

Brain Training is becoming a huge industry and increasingly popular, especially with the help of consoles and games aimed at Brain Training such as the Nintendo DS and its range of games. Some people opt for other methods such as the games you find in most newspapers or online Brain Training sites.

Tolle’s Power of Now Head Clutter Cure

Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” offered me sound advice for overcoming this insanity. (He’s the guy Oprah Winfrey promoted for his book “A New Earth.”) Now this is the second time I read “Power” and I find it more insightful now that the first time. Why? Probably because it’s been a few years since I first read it and I’ve mentally digested the material from the first time.

Increase Brain Power to Give Yourself More Power

The world we live in places many demands and stresses on what is an already hectic schedule for most people. Training our minds and learning simple techniques to increase brain power can increase our productivity, allow us to make better use of our time and improve the overall quality of our lives.

Learn How to See With Your Mind – Develop the Ability to Ponder

The ability to think creatively is developed with exercise, otherwise it dies off. Our world makes all things far to simple and so this ability is rapidly atrophying. All we do is push a button and it is done. This article includes a simple exercise to develop intuition and the ability to Ponder.

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