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Harnessing the Miracle of Determination

Have you ever seen Lance Armstrong passionately cycle to the finish line of a demanding race? He defied his many obstacles to become one of the most influential men of our time. Every time he lost a race he worked harder to outperform his competitors. After overcoming a long bout with cancer, he retrained and came back to win the Tour de France to become the second American in history to dominate this grueling 2, 274 mile long international race. What makes him so special? Is he different than any one of us?

Binaural Beats – How They Help to Increase Energy

Life is busy and schedules are hectic. Sometimes it can seem like there is barely time to breathe let alone focus on having more energy. If you are suffering from lack of sleep and very low energy then life can seem draining and difficult. Binaural beats have been shown to be a great all natural way to increase energy and to have deeper sleeps.

Brain Training Software

For my Senior Citizen counseling clients, brain training software is of interest. Most of us Boomers and Seniors have noticed the changes that come to our memory with our age, and are definitely interested in managing that change, so that it does not become any worse.

Beginner’s Guide to Aboriginals and Lucid Dreaming

For tens of thousands of years one people have used dreaming and lucid dreams. If they’ve used the power of lucid dreaming for that long, so can you!

Beginner’s Guide to Tibetan Yogis and Lucid Dreaming

Is your waking life just a dream? Are your dreams and reality the same? Tibetan Yogis strive to answer this question through lucid dreaming.

Beginner’s Guide to Shamans and Lucid Dreaming

What does a shaman have that you don’t? Shamans have used lucid dreaming for thousands of years and so can you!

Using the Power of Your Mind to Control Your Physical Body

Many times how we train our minds can have a direct effect on our physical bodies. By developing that part of us – we can overcome many physical limitations. Both meditation and self-hypnosis are just two ways that can help you achieve that.

What is the Meaning of Mental Attitude? Self Miracle?

In this article you are going to hear about some pretty amazing, and to some pretty unbelievable proven theories. These involve Mental Attitude and Self Miracles and how it affects each and everyone of us if we allow it to come into our lives and become who we really, truly want to be in Life!

Mind Exercise

Mind Exercise? You might react with a memory of high school or college calculus or statistics, and shiver as if it were about to start over, but that is not the mind exercise that I am writing about. I have been involved in my own personal growth for about 30 years, and I have been professionally involved in counseling for about 20 years, and I know counseling is a mind exercise, if you will.

How to Deal With Negative Thoughts Associated With Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Life is like a game of chess. Many times the enemy will attack us harder when we are making strides that are detrimental to the enemy’s camp.

The Beginner’s Guide to the Real Secret of What is Lucid Dreaming

You dream, I dream, we all dream. But what if you could control your dream or plan a dream a head of time? Learn the secrets of lucid dreams.

The Beginner’s Guide to Using Your Sleep Cycle For More Lucid Dreams

Are you barely having one lucid dream a month? Through the power of your sleep cycle, you can have four to five lucid dreams a night!

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