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Question – What is Mind Power?

You might be wondering, what is mind power? The power of the mind is hard to explain because it holds no boundaries. It is very complex because it holds limitless ideas, achievements, actions and emotions. Each and everyone has their own mind power.

Positive Mindset

Success leaves clues and those clues are frequently related to the mindset of the achiever. “But I want it!” declares the persistent child.

5 Fundamental Steps to Learn Mind Power

Your goal to learn mind power is not impossible and in fact is not even that difficult. But it does take some dedication on your part. Begin to practice these five steps and you will have taken a giant leap to learn mind power.

8 Brain Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Ever hear these 8 brain facts? Well, some are true and some are myths. Which are which? Read the rest to learn how to boost your brain power by understanding how the brain works.

A Self Improvement Tool That is 100 Times Easier Than Meditation and Works Almost Instantly!

How would you like to get access to a very simple audio tool that can help you be more creative, have more energy, improve your focus, and help you sleep better? Sounds good, doesn’t it? The human brain has so much potential, but most people don’t ever investigate ways to tap into this potential. In the last 20 years or so, millions of people have learned that meditation is a great way to be more calm, centered, and improve overall well being and happiness, and I highly recommend meditation for anyone, particularly people who have trouble sleeping.

The Healing Powers of Subconscious Mind

The healing powers of subconscious mind are available to anyone regardless of race, gender or religious affiliation. All that is necessary is to plant the seed of belief into the subconscious mind…

Real Mind Power Secrets – Proven Ways to Jumpstart Super Mind Power Today

How to get anything you want in life with a positive mind set. Man uses only 10% of his mind. Think of how dynamic you would become using another 15% of your brain power.

Did You Know the Heart Has a ‘Brain’?

Our perception leads us to behave as we do…well, partly, as there are a few additional factors that flit by in between what we see (or experience) and what we do. Now I hear that the heart (yes the actual organ) has a nervous system of its own which predates the brain based system. And, frankly, it doesn’t surprise me, given the primal role of human emotions and many historical references to the heart as the seat of our feelings which very often drive what we do.

Develop Creative Potential Using the Power of Mental Training

Metal Training is just the same as physical training. You can begin wherever you are and train your mind to reach higher and higher levels of creativity by using the tools of discipline.

Want to Get That Job? Brain Training is Just What Gives You the Extra Edge

Times are bad for those who have been laid off. Plenty of people for just too few jobs. The song by Peter Gabriel comes to mind: “Do not give up”, featuring Kate Bush. If you are old enough to remember that song from the mid-eighties and you are jobless right now, I may have some helpful advice for you to stand out in the group of rivals all after one and the same position: brain training!

Are You “Older” Than Your Real Age? Brain Training Gives You Your “Youth” Back

Now here you are forgetting something. Training your body is a great idea but what about training your brain? After all your brain is the center of your body and if that center is not functioning a hundred percent then it needs a training as well. Just imagine you train your brain and memory and slowly but surely you notice that you think more clearly, do not forget so much anymore, focus better, hear better, understand better what is being said… not to mention an overall sensation of feeling good.

How to Use Knowledge to Develop Wisdom

When I read the above statement for the first time, it changed my perception on the concept of knowledge. For a long time, I heard that knowledge is power. I had heard that when you go to school, studied hard, and get good grades then you will get a good job and earn lots of money.

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