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Brain Training Keeps Your Brain Ship Shape Till the Last Day

Training our bodies is as normal as can be, but how about training that most important part of our body, the brain? Are you not doing that yet? Ah, but you should, because that is the way I intend to keep my brain in perfect condition and if I can do it so can you. Brain training is something we should start doing when we are young, so we make a habit of it and keep our brain ship shape for the rest of our lives.

Brain Training Needs to Be a Daily Thing – Use it Or You Lose It!

Our brain is our most important and interesting part of our body. As our body grows old with the years, our brain stays basically the same. Our brain is not getting any older, it can just deteriorate because we do not use it often enough. Give it a challenge often enough. It is like with a lot of things: “Use it or you lose it!” This is where brain training comes in. As a habit, mind you, not as a onetime thing.

How to Keep a Positive Mind

Are you sabotaging your success? Find out how to completely renovate your mind, and change your beliefs about everything under the sun, so you can transform your life, and create success for your present and your future.

Unleashing Mind Power – Not Just For Cave Dwelling Yogis

There are many simple things you can do throughout your day that will help you develop your mind powers. If you are a seeker of esoteric knowledge then you know that unleashing mind power is a crucial step in the manifestation process.

How to Visualize Something Great in Your Life

You may feel stuck and haven’t the faintest idea how to change your circumstances. You’ve heard of visualization as a great tool to create positive change, but you may not know how to visualize something great in your life. Visualization sounds wonderful, even magical, but how do you use it to change your life?

Super Mind Power – Command it to Transform Your Life

Do you not wish you had some sort of super mind power so you could transform your life of mediocrity into a life filled with passion, abundance and excitement? Maybe you want to lose weight, fall in love, get filthy rich or travel the world.

Control Over Body and Mind is a Trick You Can Learn

One of the major forms of understanding when you are talking about mind and body control is that most of us in the human race, has no control whatsoever over them, and when you are thinking about this, you should know that most of us are ruled by our emotions, the drivers of whatever we do mentally and physiologically. So, when you are trying to understand why the human race are so helpless, you can know that there are ways that you can unlock the power of your mind and regain control of your mind and body.

How to Shift Your Thinking and Become As Successful As You Want to Be by Changing Your Inner Game

Being successful is a process that can be learned over time. I know, because I went from having very little success in my life to becoming more successful than I ever imagined. I believe that if I can do it, anyone can do it. I decided to take a look back at the last few years to see what I did that others could benefit from.

Brain Improvement in Only a Few Minutes a Day

Brain improvement is often something people think they can do nothing about; they accept the level of intelligence and ability they are born with. In the modern world we have to ask ourselves how much is that costing us in our life and income being so fatalistic? Cognitive training has come on so much over the years and here I am trying to open your minds to the possibilities and the benefits of improving your mind and memory.

How to Conquer Fear For Good

If we were to discover that there was one germ or one gene that was primarily responsible for all diseases, we would no doubt pour all medical research resources into isolating it. What an accomplishment! No more illness. Imagine all the suffering we could eliminate, and all the money we could save. We have already discovered such a cause of what could be the worst and final pandemic. There is a happy ending.

What is the Power of the Mind? Developing Photographic Memory

Because of man’s innate inquisitive nature we all want to ask “what is the power of the mind?” even though many studies have already been conducted in order to know how the mind works, there are details yet to be unearthed and confirmed. For one, how is photographic memory developed? Have you ever dealt with situation wherein you just can’t seem to remember names or dates or important schedules?

Imagination – Workshop of the Mind

There is such a thing as workshop of the mind. This can be likened to the ordinary workshop in real life where plans are fashioned out.

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