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Daydreaming is a Great Tool For Your Brain Training – So Do Not Stop Dreaming, Ever!

Not that I need to kick off. Using your imagination – and what better use of it than daydreaming – turns out to be a fantastic way to keep your brain active and challenged. Now what better way to train your brain when you are having fun at the same time? Come to think of it, all the great inventions through the centuries must have started with a daydream on this or that.

Brain Training Gives Your Whole Brain a Kick in the Butt

Our brain however is something else. It needs a whole different kind of care. Most of all it needs constant challenge. If we do not challenge our brain from day to day, it starts to fall ‘asleep’ so to speak. And the sleepier our brain is, the sooner we get forgetful, hazy, disoriented etc. as we grow older. We blame that to old age, but we should blame ourselves for not taking care of our brain properly.

Free Medicine For the Mind – Zen Meditation

Are you ready to wake up? Do you know how to meditate? Master these 10 simple steps and you will be able to get all the powerful benefits of Zen meditation.

Not on Top of Things Anymore? – Let Brain Training Get You Back on Track

Go back to your years in school… were you a fast learner, a student with good grades all the time, a scholarship up for grabs, your first job waiting for you after you graduated? If so, you probably had a sharp memory, assisting you every time you called upon it. You were very lucky to have that memory, but you possibly took it for granted, because it had always been that way.

Get Your Brain Out of Its Lawn Chair and Start Brain Training It!

Has it ever occurred to you that although you all come from the same background, your co-workers may be a bit sharper, more alert, more focused than you are? No disrespect, but what do you do to keep in shape? And I do not mean the gym, or the outdoor sports or anything; I mean how do you mentally keep in shape?

You Need Super Mind Powers Just to Survive Nowadays – Let Alone Achieve Success

A lot of people are having illnesses that are physical as well as psychological, stemming from the fact that they are not following their dreams. Being locked into some kind of security, they get stuck in a rut and lose out on the every day joy from doing the things they really love

Acting Out Your Life

There is a human body. And inside of this fantastic human body, connected to all of the motor muscles, nerves, and pain sensors, is a mind. But is the mind the ‘ultimate you’? In this article we explore the connection between the mind, body, ego, personality, and something higher…

Mind Mapping – Is it Good For Business?

As business owners we have all these thoughts, tasks, and ideas racing through our heads. We want to be efficient and have great time management so we can continue to grow and prosper. Sometimes that can be difficult and hard to deal with. There are ways around it, but do you know what they are and how to do it?

Power of the Human Mind – How to Use it to Change Events

The Power of the Human Mind is the greatest natural endowment given to all human being and the greatest waste of our natural resources is the number of people who never attempts to discover or achieve their potentials by ignoring the power of the human mind to change events around them. So many people have gone to the grave beyond without knowing the power of the mind to change events round them / achieve their aims in life in order to leave a land mark which can be long remembered when they have gone, that is why the grave is been regarded as most wealthy.

Induce Different States of Mind With Sound

Millions of people drink energy drinks everyday to wake themselves and get more energy, could you imagine that you could have a similar effect by just listen to a sound? Have you ever envisioned yourself listening to a sound to calm you down and put you to sleep? What about a sound that could reduce depression or alleviate pain? Well, binaural beats are sounds that can do all of that and more.

Food For the Brain – Not From the Shop But Through Brain Training

Sounds nice and oh so healthy. There are lots of stores and online shops where you can buy expensive supplements that nourish the brain. Or are supposed to do that. I am sure some of them will actually do your brain some good, but I myself think of something else when I think of “food for the brain”.

Binaural Beats Frequencies For Brainwave Entrainment

Binaural beats frequencies are thought to affect brain functions besides those related to hearing. The phenomenon occurs through the frequency following response effect. The theory is as follows: when one experiences a brainwave stimulus that falls within the normal frequency range of brainwaves your brain wave frequency is likely to move into alignment with the stimulus frequency. This process is called brainwave entrainment. Additionally, binaural beats frequencies have been shown to activate various sites within the human brain.

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