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The Power of Dreams

Today I will share with you an important practice that can bring you insight on your life at “multidimensional” levels. Dreams are not just elaborations of the subconscious as many people think, but they are the symbolic language we use to communicate with the Universe. They are also the language through which the Universe communicate to us.

Learn to Super Charge Your Brain

You can have sharper focus, make smarter decisions and experience peak performance with your brain. I hope you know the feeling, that rare state when it seems you can do nothing wrong. When you are playing a sport and every shot lands exactly where you aim it, or your solutions to that very difficult problem just comes to you so easily and many more of such examples. For most of us unfortunately these moments of perfection and high performance is too rare.

How to Overcome an Employee Mindset

You can start today to re-invent yourself at how you want to live. The process to overcome having an employee mindset isn’t easy, but is necessary to break through to the entrepreneur thinking side of the world.

Start Brain Training Now – When You Are Still Young and Flexible

If I tell you now you are wasting the best years of your life you probably shrug and ask me “What is new?” Yet I mean it differently from what you think I mean. These years are the years your brain learns to function. The more you ask from it, the better it will develop and thus the better it will perform your whole life long. If you tell me that hanging out with your friends is spent having philosophical discussions on the pre-medieval centuries, I will be right out of your hair. But something tells me you are not.

It is Never Too Late to Start With Brain Training – Get Rid of the Dust Balls

What you have to do is shake up that brain of yours. You always got away with as little work as possible, well that is going to change. From now on you are going to spend twenty minutes a day to train your brain. With this daily work out you will get rid of the dust balls in your head, you will challenge your brain which it loves and as a result you will be more focused, more clear in your head, and more in charge overall in a couple of weeks.

Give Your Brain the Rest it Needs – Then Challenge it With Brain Training

You can imagine that at the end of the day the brain is dead tired. And when you go to bed and fall to sleep, its work is not done yet. Because it has to put order in all the work that has been done that day, file everything; re-organize it, so you are capable of tackling yet another day. After that, your brain finally gets the peace and quiet it deserves and can rest as well.

Living a Healthy Life? Then it is Time to Do Some Brain Training As Well

So you are doing alright then… you think. Of course your body will enjoy the extra care you take of it; it had to wait for 5 decades for you to do that! But if you leave it at that, you are forgetting the most important part of your body: your brain. As you grow older your brain needs pampering too.

Brain Training Games Help You Get Out of the Shadow

There are those that are smart, intelligent, the leaders. And there are those that admire them and wish they could be as sharp and intelligent themselves. Because the leaders of our world – big or small – not only have the nicest jobs and make more money than we do, they are also loved for their capabilities of always doing the right thing at the right moment and they never need to feel embarrassed. Oh, how we envy them!

Taking Night Classes is a Great Way of Brain Training

Expanding your knowledge and insights is a terrific way to train your brain and to keep it as young as you would want it to be. Not only will you get to know things about a subject you have always been interested in but never found the time for, you work your brain and stretch its limits and there is nothing your brain likes better than that!

Is it Worth Your While to Pay For Brain Training Games?

After searching for a while you found yourself a few good brain training games websites. You did some research on them and you are happy with what you read in reviews, articles, blogs and what not. You are going to train some brain! Very soon you will be on top of everything again, have more success in life and feel good as a bonus as well.

How Do You and I Find Genuine Brain Training Games on the Internet?

So how do you and I find brain training games on the internet that are worth our while and our money (some dollars only)? There are so many websites that claim to sell these games and so many ads as well, all claiming the same thing. Where and how do we find the pearls? I would say, let us do some dd – due diligence – and we will soon find out more.

The Law of Thinking and Using Habit Directions and the Analyzing Intellect (Part 4)

When “working” with your thinking activities, use a habit direction, take a safe habit, or create a new one, a change habit. See a vision, never experienced before.

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