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You Are Smarter Than You Think

How can we expand our views of intelligence and achievement to help people navigate their life path to be the very best they can be? You can quickly identify your “intelligences” in nine categories and become aware that “You’re Smarter than You Think.”

When Lives Are At Risk

Lives are at risk when we have to use our least preferred sensory pathways in our personal and professional lives. Neuroscience provides the insights and solutions to avoid costly mistakes and accidents when we are operating in our sensory “blind spots”.

How to Relax Using Music

Music is something that is recognised throughout the world as something that is quite profound and amazing. Its a language which can be understood by all people no matter which country or culture you originate from. If you really want you can use music to calm the mind and the body, to spread great messages to people and to help spread joy into the world. Music is without a doubt a magical tool that can be used to really enhance your world in a positive manner.

Successfully Teaching Your Kids Mind Mapping With iMindMap – 4 Points to Remember

Mind Mapping is a tremendous tool to embrace at an early age and using iMindMap software to help teach your kids makes a huge difference. However, as good as iMindMap is, there are 4 points you have to bear in mind to make sure you get it right and have your kids love Mind Mapping.

The Power of Positive Emotions

Assisting others to achieve their dreams has always been a core principle that has guided me in my life. It is my personal belief that when any of us have a touch point with someone that we can affect that person in one of three ways and leave them feeling: negative and provoking destructive emotions, indifferent or unaffected, or we can choose to inspire and awaken the positive, productive emotions.

Was He Blessed Losing His Arm in the War?

Is it possible that one can feel fortunate loosing his arm? There are lots of people who lost parts of their bodies in a war. There is a Japanese cartoon writer who lost his left arm in World War II. It was not the war he wanted to take part. Still, he thought himself to be lucky in surviving the war. He believes that his survival is all thanks to his injury. He later wrote a comic book about his experience in the war. He could change the negative reality to be useful strength to survive, live, and tell the truth of wars to the people. He is living example of the fact that what one believes could change his destiny. He could be successful because he believed in himself even after he lost his arm.

How to Be More Inspired in Your Day to Day Life

Inspiration can dig you out from a dull routine. The desire for something better may give a spark in the imagination that will project you on a different course. Everyone wants to be inspired in their day to day life. It is usually not something you can find. It is something that finds you. It may happen when you are relaxing and enjoying a hobby. An idea may pop in your head that changes everything.

Are You Full Of Excuses?

When we feel that a new goal is potentially going to overwhelm us quite a few of us get the old excuses out and dust them down. So I have put together a list of the favourites that you can hear in pubs, on street corners, bars and living rooms all over the world.

Eyes and Parts of Body – A Non-Verbal Communication

It is established that body language is a form of non-verbal communication, which consists of body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements. The other parts of the body’s movements play equal and an important role in revealing a person’s behaviour. Humans send and interpret such signals subconsciously.

Concentration of Mind

Concentration of mind is the tool that is needed to be used to produce things in our world. With out mind concentration your mind is scattered and you will be a victim of the pull of your mind without self control. I would like to promote mind concentration because concentration is like a beam of light and with the right concentration we can change our world.

Healing Your Mind

Healing your mind can be done but first you have to make the thoughts that are destroying your mind conscious for the purpose of clearing them. Meditations is the only way to clear your mind therefore meditations is the only way to heal your mind. You can heal yourself. You can heal your life. Heal your mind, heal your thoughts, heal your life.

You Can Change Your Mind

You can change your life if you change the thoughts that you think in your mind. You can change your mind and this will change your world. Knowledge is the key to unlock the unknown doors of your mind and if you can change the way you look at things the things you look at will change. Thinking is a spiritual process and spirit is the cause back of all things so its our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that are the causes our realities

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