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iMindMap – Let’s Get A Bit Fluffy For a Moment

iMindMap is a piece of Mind Map software that works really well because it is using Mind Mapping. Here we get a little bit fluffy about the workings of the brain before we explain why using iMindMap is such an important thing for your mind’s development.

New Mind – Open Mind

Can we distinguish between what is actually new and what is actually old passed off as new? The word new means something that has “not been before.” The new consciousness has not been before, and it takes openness to see and experience it. Do you have an open mind?

Hindsight – Powerful Tool

The axiom, ‘Hindsight is twenty-twenty,’ reminds us that when we look back in our life we can see with more clarity. Hindsight has clarity because we can now see things from a different perspective as we draw from the shifts that created the present moment. Hindsight when acted upon guides our direction in the moment.

How to Develop Psychic Powers – Top Tips to Help You Learn Psychic Powers

It is indeed amazing to know that some people are just good in predicting outcomes or knowing an event before it happens or even knowing some facts of a person’s life even if he has met him once. Indeed, psychic abilities can be amazing and somehow can be of help as well, especially in avoiding things that you do not desire to happen.

Enhance Your Psychic Abilities – 4 Simple Ways To Do It

Predicting events and having stronger intuitions on some things can be great abilities to have. Of course, we often wonder how psychics have these amazing abilities to predict and see things before it happens. If you are interested to learn how to enhance your psychic abilities, you can actually practice and learn these abilities.

Gratitude – Is Your Plan Working?

Is your plan to stay in gratitude working? Inevitably, roadblocks or activators will come onto your path. Whatever it is, it is something you did not expect or know it would transpire. Maybe you are stuck in traffic. Maybe somebody says or does something that bothers you. This article discusses the strategy to maintain gratitude in spite of any situation.

Want to Break the Grip of the Mind?

For those of us who still get angry- count EVERYBODY- we can do a technique to break the identification with the mind. Watch your anger, but be clear about one thing. If we have to reply to the person who has insulted us, do so when the anger is gone; don’t even think of answering before that moment or time.

How to Solve Cryptograms Part 4A, Using Pattern Recognition (TH Words) to Solve Cryptograms

Computers have been used for years for pattern recognition. A good example is the use of computers to recognize and distinguish between fingerprints. The laborious system of comparing fingerprints previously done by police departments and by forensics scientists is now a matter of a few clicks of a computer mouse. The human brain contains the most powerful computer in the world and pattern recognition is a task the brain does well.

The Key to Your Subconscious – Images, Feelings and Metaphors

Your subconscious holds your memories, beliefs, emotions, programs, and habits, controls your body, heals, and is a gateway to other dimensions. That is alot of power. This article shows you how to communicate effectively with your subconscious mind in order to tap into all of this power and become a master of your inner world.

Develop Psychic Abilities – 4 Top Tips To Help You Start With

We are often amazed by the psychic abilities of some people who seemed to have ‘extraordinary’ skills in predictions and some other amazing skills that are not normally exhibited by ordinary people. As most psychics would say, we all have psychic abilities that are just waiting to be developed, thus if you are interested on ways to develop psychic abilities, you can actually find a number of them.

How to Tweak Your Brain For Maximum Performance – Here’s the Key Secret to Optimal Potential

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply think about something you want to achieve, and bam, your brain automatically goes about accomplishing it. It’s like your brain already has the set of instructions to go about easily and effortlessly accomplishing the tasks. Well, did you know your subconscious mind accounts for 95% of your mental capability? It is also known that people only use a tiny fraction of their subconscious power to their advantage. So, I want to enlighten you on some startling tips to effectively activate your subconscious mind, to start working for hundreds of times more effectively than you’ve ever experienced before. With this new ability, you will be able to start pursuing wealth, self-development, fulfillment and feelings of power and happiness you’ve never experienced before in your life. So here’s the key…

Why It’s Good to Vent Your Feelings

Vent your feelings is the activity that releases energy or emotions. It is a good practice for you to vent your feelings now and then. The problem is that usually you keep those feelings to yourself; sometimes it is not such a bad thing, because if you say what you think at lout, someone can get hurt.

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