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Nurses and CNAs – Be Smart, Creative & Lifelong Learners

For those of us in the field of nursing, having an active, open mind and a true desire to learn are important attributes. Because things change rapidly in health care, nurses and CNAs can’t rest on their laurels and claim that they know all they need to know to do their jobs. And that’s a good thing! Studies have shown that an hour of increased brain activity can make a person smarter, more energetic, creative and open to new ways of thinking.

Empowering Your Mind For Remote Viewing

I am glad that you are here, reading this, rather than watching the news about terrorism. Your internal compass is true, seeking knowledge, peace or inspiration rather than distress. This does more for the world’s peace and well being than watching the news does.

Create Happiness Through Mindfulness

Have you ever noticed how your thoughts and emotions causes your body to react accordingly? Observe how your body tenses up when you think of something that’s upsetting to you, and how much worse you start to feel as your mind obsesses on the same scenario over and over again. Positive thoughts and emotions cause your body to react as well.

Astral Projection Binaural Beats – The Life Situations in Which These Can Help You

The astral projection binaural beats provide for the quicker and easier entry of the mind and body into a form of deep mediation also known as trance. Form this state the astral body or the spirit enters the so called astral plane in which full conscious awareness of one’s self is achieved.

You Have the Power to Become a Genius!

A great philosopher once said that all of us have equal intelligence. What matters is the veil called ignorance, which has covered that intelligence. This most complex system called the ‘brain’ is filled with all the creativity, mental prowess of highest order, the capacity to think, survive against odds, adopt to different situations, etc.

Isochronic Tones – Best Places to Find Them

Isochronic tones are one of the most effective forms of brainwave entrainment. There are many brainwave entrainment products that use binaural beats but there are only a couple that offer isochronic tones as well. Below I will explain exactly what isochronic tones are as well as they best place to purchase them or listen to a free sample.

Where to Buy Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are a very popular form of brainwave entrainment. They typically come in either MP3 or CD format and are listened to with headphones daily to create altered states of mind that can greatly benefit ones life. Below we will go through how they work as well as the best places to find them.

What Does a Mind Mapping Program Do?

Do you know what a mind mapping program does? You will discover what are some of the wonders a program as such can do. Find out more from this article…

Mindset Development Training – Choose to Be Happy

This article discusses a mindset development training concept of choosing to be happy. Many people in our our world don’t know that happiness is a choice.

Seeking Simplicity

Seeking simplicity is as simple as it sounds. There should be no reason why we can’t have it. Unless of of course we do not want to.

Astral Projection Binaural Beats – What to Expect From Your Astral Travel

The inductions into a state of trance and out of body experiences are possible and now they are accessible to everyone thanks to the astral projection binaural beats. Indeed, you can have your spirit separate from your body and travel on its own exploring the depths of your consciousness and unknown worlds.

Asking Your Subconscious Mind Favors

We’ve all had those pesky occasions where we’ve totally forgotten something we really need to recall/remember. It’s really frustrating when that thing is just on the ‘tip of your tongue’ but just won’t come. But, sometimes we can be blessed with serendipitous recall. Just how does that work?

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