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Life Success Through Proven Mind Control Techniques

There are many things in life that are hindering us form a direct route to success and one of the is the lack of control some of us have in relation to our mind and our bodies. This can be seen in the disturbing number of people who have been addicted to dangerous things in the past few decades and we are not talking about known hallucinogens and drugs.

Connecting With Your Higher Self

Your spiritual self is the strongest essence in your world. It is your connection with the entire universe. It is the part of you that can circumvent your subconscious programming that keeps making life difficult. You can set your subconscious aside for brief periods and discover what you really want.

A Brain Walk

In this day and age of interesting graphics and visuals, the words brain walk conjure up a funny mental image. But the truth of the matter is that brain walking, meaning getting some exercise by talking brain and body for a walk is very important for your brain, which makes it important for any process in your body which needs a highly functioning brain. Can you think of a process not requiring a healthy brain?

3 Ways to Use the Power of the Mind to Influence the Law of Attraction

One of the most important reasons why most people fail to see success with the law of attraction is because they have not used the techniques designed to alter their mind. Mind techniques are the most important steps in using the law of attraction. You can use mental techniques of concentration to mold reality, change behavior patterns, attract the people and things you desire and create wealth.

Why is Subliminal Message Software So Popular?

Millions of people around the world are nowadays using Subliminal message software on their computers. The reported results are astonishing! The users of subliminal software report all kinds of news, from improved work or sport performance to better relationships and health. All of these people have something in common. They realized something crucial.

Finding the Power of Your Mind

If someone makes the decision to change themselves from within, they can alter their own reality and circumstances. This is made possible due to the power of the mind.

Training Your Mind Can Turn Your Life Around

The mind naturally go through a phase of self-correction in response to errors. The reason the human mind is so powerful is that it has the unique ability to adapt and learn. You need to understand your mind’s ability to cope in this ever-changing world.

LYPH (Lifting Your Purpose Higher)

I want you to think for a minute (and I mean, REALLY think). What does your LYPH mean to you? Yes, this is a serious question. Two out of five people probably have never thought about this question. You may say, “Who are you to ask me such a profound question?” But then, I could ask, “Who are you, that you don’t know?”

Finding Success in Success Coaching

In success coaching, a coach needs a high level of attention towards a specific subject. Get help from success coaching now.

The Life of a Life Coach

There is always a point in a person’s life when they would feel like they are on the verge of falling apart. A life coach needs to step in your life and help you put things back together. Get help from a life coach now.

Yikes! You Again?

You know that icky person you just can’t stand? You know, the one that can push your button and you end up saying things you don’t regret saying because you really did mean it. Yes, that one! Why does that person, or persons, keep popping up in your life? Just to irritate you? You are so sure that’s their assignment in life. Well, yes it is, and with a purpose. So, just what is that purpose?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

From my upstairs bedroom I could hear this voice. I thought someone was visiting. The voice was happy and confident, so I veered downstairs and saw only Dairene. She was standing smiling and talking to herself in the mirror. I stood in amusement as I watched and listened.

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