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Top 5 Blues-Busting Mindsets to Combat the Current Economy

The current economic picture is fraught with fear, but you don’t need to be! You can bust the blues of the recession with a few simple mindsets and easy practices. This article will show you how.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life – It’s Up to You!

It sounds so simple, change your mind change your life but what do we mean? The way we think determines the way we interact with others, the way we approach tasks, the amount of drive and motivation we have and so much more.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your IQ

Your brain is just like a muscle in that it needs exercise to keep fit. The more you use it, the more you will be able to focus and the better thinker you will become. Unlike a machine that might wear out if you use it too much, your ability to think and concentrate will decrease if you don’t use your brain regularly.

Increase Your Brain Power With 7 Quick Memory Tips

Remember back in the day when people would tie a string around their finger? Well, that was a strategy they used to remember things that they needed to do. It served as a reminder that there were things that had not been done yet. Whenever they saw the string, it let them know that they needed to finish the job.

Rich in Common Sense

As we proceed through Life we see that Logic moves to the extremes, life never. Life is a balance between opposites and those in business who are also keen observers of life will know never to move to one opposite against the other. Even if something appears again and again to be the same for 1000 times don’t conclude it will be the same the next time.

How Does Memory Work?

On a daily basis our senses are subjected to a flood of information and this information is constantly stored in memories. Many experts working in cognitive psychology suggest that there are three ways we store these memories, and this system acts as a sort of filter to protect ourselves from this information onslaught. The three storage systems are: Sensory, Short Term, Long Term. This article explores these three storage systems.

Visualization As a Speed Enhancement Tool

Sometimes bad habits can be really hard to change. This is especially true when it comes to something like running because you probably developed your form at an early age and have repeated the same flawed movement pattern hundreds, if not thousands of times.

Mindset is Crucial

This is something that has been taught to me for many years now, however when I mention it to others, I do seem to get some weird looks, and I really do not know why. Fear of the unknown? The occult perhaps?

Your Subconscious Mind & Its Hidden Secrets

Are your failures in life purely bad luck? The culprit could be what you are not aware of…

Harness Your Mind Power and Change Your Life – The Facts About Your Mind

Harness the power of you mind and create a better future. The mind is fascinating. Focus and intent equals massive change.

Mind Power – Benefits of Unlocking Mind Power

People may have talk about mind power in your presence. The truth is that mind power is real and somehow underrated. Considering this concept may give you the opportunity of genuine accomplishment. For you to achieve success in life, you must discover your potential.

Think Big, Think Abundance, and See What Happens

Look around you. Do you see abundance? Or do you see lack? If you see lack – money is lacking, good paying job is lacking, health is lacking, friends are lacking, quality time with family is lacking, motivation is lacking, peace of mind is lacking…then likely you are thinking small, thinking lack.

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