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Neural Ergonomics – The Organics of Thought

Neural Ergonomics applies Ergonomic reasoning to support natural function of the internal mechanisms of the brain. Many harmful forces are generated, both internally and externally, that disrupt this natural function. There is in fact an optimal approach to thinking that can nullify these harmful forces while simultaneously removing the impediments to mental clarity.

How to Pay Attention to Detail

There are many situations in which paying attention to details is a must so that you achieve the desired results. For example, when preparing for a job interview, you want to leave the interview having made a positive impression.

The Pattern Organ, How it Inhibits Growth and How to Overcome Limitations

This article is about an organ which you have never heard of or been aware exists. It is the ‘pattern organ’ and is located in your mind. Since science has not yet located the ‘mind’ we have no idea how big it is or where it is, and so that means it could contain several other organs within itself, it is possible. Using the image of an organ will help you conquer fixed patterns or as they are also called, habits.

Your Intuition – How to Develop It?

Do you follow your intuition? If you don’t, you are in missing out the most amazing tools. We should not deny it or avoid it. Its has been inside our survival instinct lists since our existence in this world. Here is tips that can help your intuitions to develop.

The True Purpose of Self Development Or Arete

Personal Development dates back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle. In those days, Personal Development was a quest to reach “arete” which means, Personal Excellence.

Emulating – How to Do It

Emulating is the fastest and easiest way to shape whoever we want to become. Each and everyone of our heroes has left an indelible mark on us. Most of the time we were not even aware of it but the traits that we admired in these people were slowly but surely being imprinted into the very fibers of our DNA.

Heal the Mind, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet

What if the mind is the place where all illness starts? What if deeply-embedded thoughts in our unconscious mind are the stimulus, and the body generating diseases is the response? The mind gets sick, the body follows suit.

Brainwave Technology – Free Yourself From Addictions

Addictions are the bane of our lives and although we all will not admit it, addictions are part and parcel of everyone in this world. We may say that we do not have any addictions to speak of, but smoking and drugs and alcohol are only the famous addictions that define the people we see on television. Those are not the only things in the world that we can be addicted to. Just look at America, one of the most obese countries in the world with a population that has a serious problem in their addiction to food.

Brainwave Entrainment – Your Key to Success

While there has been plenty of technical analysis behind the technology that is brainwave entrainment, there has not been sufficient literature to point out exactly why it can be anyone’s key to success. While it is good to continually educate a growing population of internet readers, it is also good to continually remind them about the excellent benefits of this technology and the fact that anyone and everyone has the power in their hands to reach out and grab a piece of this self-evolution.

Attain Total Mind Control With Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Many people would not believe the fact that they can have total mind control. In truth, some of us do not even have total control over our bodies, much less our minds, and because even science and technology does not have all the answers when it comes to total mind control, how can the individual, unschooled human being have any hope of reaching into their cerebral cortex and start barking orders at their mind? Most aren’t even familiar with the different compartments of the brain to begin with.

How to Increase Your Brain Power

Learning how to increase your brain power is a very good idea regardless of age. Young people with increased brain power will get better results in exams.

Learn Multiple Languages at Once

Part of the problem with studying two languages is there are many reasons why people should learn to speak another language. Physiologically it is said that the brain ages slower when more than one language is learned. if you feel like you want to learn multiple languages at once then you may want to step back and think about the stress and confusion it may cause.

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