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Play the Match Game

Picture yourself ordering in a restaurant. First you order a chef salad, then you change your order to a pasta salad and then you change your mind again and order a hamburger. What are the odd that you will receive exactly what you want at the moment the food arrives. Slim and none and slim just left town. This is the way your subconscious mind feels when you keep changing your mind about what you truly desire to receive in life.

Three Exciting Ways to Strengthen Your Brain

In many ways, you brain is just like your muscles. If you don’t use it, you lose it. If you want to maintain it, you have to constantly exercise it. But you want to build it, you have to challenge it.

Can These 3 Tips Save Your Brain From Degeneration?

It’s sad to see how people would assume that their brain will inevitably degenerate with age. The truth couldn’t be further. As Dr Merzenich of Posit Science once said, “Everything that you can see happen in a young brain can happen in an older brain.” What he said rings true for me.

Mind Power Training

You can train your mind to get just about anything you want. But it’s important to first understand how the Subconscious mind works.

IQ Test – Measuring Your Intelligence

The whole idea of the IQ test is to measure the potential of your brains using problems posed to you on paper. It assesses the ability of your brain to figure out solutions to issues presented to you in written form. This article will help you learn more about IQ tests.

“Think Happens” – Mental Conditioning to Deal With Life in the Fast Lane

Mental preparation before white water rafting was a key to our successful and fun trip. The reality was, anything could have happened, for better or worse, and we couldn’t cover every eventuality. We were conditioned mentally with key elements in a most likely case scenario. For anything else, we’d have to keep our wits sufficiently to deal with it however we could on the spot. The key was in removing the fear by preparation ahead of time.

Mindfulness – What Floats Your Boat?

How often, in the course of everyday work and life, do we plunge into tasks just in order to get through them? After all, that’s being efficient, right? The reality is, it may be efficient but not necessarily the most EFFECTIVE approach. Sometimes, a more effective approach requires slowing down – either to build relationships while working, to notice the dynamics of a process, to pace ourselves for the long-haul, or to simply tune in to ourselves being ‘on-task.’

One Potentially-Addictive Way to Improve Your Brain

It was once thought that the brain is fixed and un-malleable. But modern researches have time and again shown the brain’s capability to prevent mental decline… or even reverse some of the most dreaded diseases, so as long as it is in the right environment.

3 (Really) Enjoyable Ways to Strengthen Your Brain Fitness

Your brain is arguably your highest leverage in your life. Take good care of it and you’ll reap the abundant rewards. Yet few paid attention to their brain fitness, let alone do anything to improve it.

Changing Your Life – What Does Your Subconscious Mind Has to Do With It?

What would be best for you than being able to manifest everything you ever wanted in your life? Nothing would be better than this, would it?

Winning by Design Or by Chance

A recent experiment using computerized slot machines revealed a tendency that helps explain compulsive gambling and addictive behaviors. The brain doesn’t distinguish between a win or near-win, both of which trigger the reward center of the brain. So what?

The Science of the Mind

The science of the mind is something that we need to take interest in as a race of people who are always interested in the concept of making most of our lives. One thing that has been a belief in the world today, circulating in the minds of the top people in white coats, is that the next step of evolution is self determination. This means that we are in the position of improving ourselves. We need to realise this and not look at the whole Darwinian process as something that is beyond our control.

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